There are many good things you can do to relieve stress, help you to sleep, and perhaps boost your immune system. But one of the biggest benefits of all bedroom actions is that it helps you feel super connected to your mate. This will keep your relationship closer, deeper and better.

Science supports this. A new study on psychosocial science found that even after two days of sex, couples have a higher degree of sexual satisfaction. Researchers have found that this afterglow effect is also crucial for relationship satisfaction.
Any kind of sex that can help improve your happiness as a couple, as long as there is trust and communication Dr. Laurie Mintz, a professor of psychology at the University of Florida and the author, says to become Cliterate. How can you reach that space, your physical desires met and you feel nervous? These tips will take you there.
Often touch in sexual behavior

All gender positions have their benefits. But some keep your body relatively far away – for example, think of a woman above it. Once again, there is nothing wrong, but if you want to be emotionally closer to your partner, try your body, such as the style of a missionary or spoon. These can keep you close together and let you feel the warmth of the exposed skin. They also keep their hands free, their lips tight, so you can hold each other and kiss.

What are the benefits of skin contact? Tactile is the most primitive of all senses, and research shows that being touched by a partner triggers the release of oxytocin, a “love hormone” that promotes love and intimacy.

Focus on the foreplay

Do not have sex, but most women need other forms of stimulation to have orgasm. Without a normal orgasm, you may feel shortened, which is not useful for your bond.

“Regardless of your sexual orientation, there must be a closer affair that begins to think more broadly about the ways in which we usually practice sexuality in our culture, other than penis and vagina,” suggests Mintz . Spend a lot of time enjoying the actions that have traditionally taken place in the foreplay – oral sex, the actions below, deep kissing – to satisfy you physically or to make you feel emotional stress.

Looking at each other’s eyes

Eye contact with each other in sexual activity can make you vulnerable and reveal the intimacy of your frailty. Not everyone is a person with open eyes, and you do not want to stare at each other. But when you come back from a kiss, or when you approach orgasm, the mutual gaze is very intimate.
Communicate your desires

Opening up the actions and actions you crave will help you get satisfying soul connectivity and give your partner a sense of open desire to share. In sexual activity, for example, whispered stroking the object you want to touch, or to guide each other’s hand to your body. You can also convey your desires outside the bedroom, for example, send you another important sext to describe what you want to try. Play games to satisfy each other’s desires so that you all feel equal partners for each other.
right now

We know that if someone tells you the benefits of mindfulness, you will scream. But mindfulness in the bedroom can really pay off. Dr Leah Millheiser, MD, director of the Women’s Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford University, said: “Considering everything you should do, not sex, makes it difficult to interact with your partner and orgasm.

She suggests intimacy as the most sacred time of your partner. Be really together, synchronize your breath, kiss, and focus on the sensations of sex. By doing so, “women can become faster and reach a climax faster, and they feel they have more trusting relationships with their partners,” said Dr. Millheiser.


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