Well, the alarm clock is not ringing completely. But do not let you stop you from having sex with your partner. Just like a quick morning, morning sex can be exciting and energetic and it can help you get started the day.

These are not the only benefits of morning sex provided by Dr. Megan Fleming, a sex and relationship therapist in New York. Fleming satisfies you with five health reasons, taking into account this before you finish your first cup of coffee.
You are resting, ready

Just as any person is often engaged in busy sexual activity before going to bed, there will be no exciting orgasm if you feel tired and nervous. Fleming said that arousal occurs only when you are relaxed and you are clear-headed, not at the meeting of tomorrow, but through the tragedy of nightly news. When do you feel more secure and stress-free than rest for 8 hours?
More importantly, in the morning, you and your partner are comfortable, warm, and comfortable right next to your bed. Fleming suggests: “Make the most of this time and optimize it.

His hormones are high

Your man Tuesday morning may be better than Saturday night. The reasons are as follows: Men naturally produce more testosterone in the morning, so he tends to have higher libido and sexual desire earlier in the day, explains Fleming. She added: “Precocious puberty is his chance to take advantage of this, hoping to focus more on making you happier.
Your brain is still twilight

When most people wake up for the first time, they are generally not in their A-game, and it takes at least a few minutes to appear from sleep and start full speed. This time is a sexy moment. Fleming said: “For many of us, when we are in this state of drowsiness, our brains are not yet fully online, which gives you the first moment of waking up.” It’s a chance when you Have not thought of the day to do 100 things, you can make sexual contact. ”
So next time you wake up, grab your phone reflexively, check your work email in bed, do not. Transfer the connection to your partner for a few minutes before starting your day’s duties.

You will start a smiling day

Flemming explains that no matter what time of day is busy, the orgasm will release sensory neurotransmitters and chemicals such as oxytocin – also known as love or cuddling hormones. While these happy hormones are always welcome, the first thing in the morning is to make them even more beneficial as it helps to make you feel good and sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.
There is a deeply rooted view that sex is a nighttime activity. But in fact, night is often the most inconvenient time, especially when partner’s sleeping time is different and your schedule is so tiring that you really just want to sleep on your bed.

So having sex in the morning is a novel starting point for you to experience this action in different ways. Flemming explained: “For some, morning sex may be a routine.” We can add new stuff or change something at any time, so we will not get caught up in a sexual script, which is Great.


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