If you have difficulty getting orgasm through vaginal intercourse, neither you nor your partner should feel sad. In fact, this is perfectly normal. Dr. Claudia Six, a sexologist and relationship coach in the San Francisco area, said: “People still realize that it is better to some extent through the climax of infiltration,” “the integrity of sexuality: how to treat yourself truly.” “But the truth is that sexual intercourse is not meant to inspire a female orgasm.”

That is why “99.99% of women” need to focus on their clitoris (organs of high densities, with a very sensitive head between the labia) in order to reach orgasm. There’s only one question: Not all gender positions trigger a lot of clitoral stimulation or make it easy for any one partner to provide hands-on assistance.
Fortunately, the following actions do indeed work, adding them to your tracks to make the sex of all participants more orgasmic. Six said: “The clitoris is the only part of the body designed for pleasure, so I say to make the most of it!”

On the table

Lie down by the bed and have your partner stand between your legs facing you; he can grab your legs or hold them on your shoulders. Six said: “This is a good place because you can see each other and there are two or four hands that can be used to stimulate the clitoris without interfering with anything else.” For older, overweight or injured people This is also a good thing because everyone supports their weight. ”
If you want a little extra clitoral stimulation, the tabletop is also the ideal place to use the vibrator when sexting. “In some other positions, you really can only use a small vibrator, or not at all,” Six said. “But on the table, there’s room, even if you want to pull your full-size wand out.”


Put a clinging toy or a hand to your clitoris lying on your stomach. Get your partner into the body from the back, do not put too much weight on your body, so you are free to use your finger, recommending Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, a Toronto sexologist and Sex With Dr. Jess podcast. Unlike missionary sex, this location allows you to adjust and concentrate stress on your clit area, which can help you send your edge.
CAT (Coital Alignment Technology)

Clitoral stimulation of the missionary position is not impossible, only a slight adjustment. Once he stands on top of you, “drop yourself a little bit so you can squeeze your legs against your partner’s ass,” O’Reilly said. You can also wrap your feet around your calf and focus on the sway and friction of each other, rather than sprint.

Hands-on spoon

Six also recommend that your partner scoop you from the back while you are in. She said: “Here’s another lot of places to get into the clitoris, where you can reach or your partner can get in. Bend your upper limbs and open your legs for more manual stimulation.” When you’re by your side It may feel good to squeeze your legs together.

O’Reilly said: “This is an ideal place for women who like to have full clitoris, using your partner’s thigh as a sharpener and holding your entire clitoris area at him. To perform this absolute Climax lord, both you and your spouse lie on your body, face each other, your head is at the ends of the bed, cut his thighs between your body and gently roll it on your back O’Reilly said: “When she was clitoral genitals, he would twitch her vulva.


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