When it comes to sex, expectations and reality can be two opposite aspects – a recent global survey of how long typical sexual activity lasts is a good example.

The survey, from UK dating site SaucyDates.com, was answered by 3,836 men and women. They were asked how many minutes they wanted to do (not forecourt, but main activity).
On average, the ideal behavior for women will last 25 minutes and 51 seconds. Men on average expect their ideal run to run 25 minutes and 43 seconds. But those numbers that are almost the same do not fit the real thing in the bedroom. According to the survey, on average, sex lasted about 16 minutes.
The results are broken down by country. In the United States, men and women stayed in the game for 17 minutes and 5 seconds. The Canadians came in after 17 minutes, followed by the English for 16 minutes and 58 seconds.

Surprisingly, 30-year-old men seem to have encountered the longest time, they have better er than younger or older records.
Unfortunately, we are not completely surprised by the gap between men and women and the real aftermath. Sex communication can be difficult, but if you want creaky mattress springs, or if you think the 16-minute move is too long, it’s time to talk to your partner.


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