Although Hollywood will make you believe, good sex does not require mood lighting, well-planned playlists, or even a wide range of foreplay. In fact, if you wait for all these things to come to fruition, you probably will never do that.

Dr. Holly Richmond, a sex therapist in Southern California, said: “I often ask my clients, do you want to do some sex or not want to have sex?” Some people think this scene should be perfect. They need showers, sheets need to be clean and children must have babysitting. ”
But the stars do not have to work together to make you and your partner have exciting sex. In fact, an unplanned, I must have you hotter now even faster than pumping out sheets between sheets. Richmond said: “Quickness is great because they are spontaneous and inspiring, and it’s two things people want long-term relationships. Curiosity? Let us illustrate why you need to add more to your life. speed.
Quickies for busy partners

Because most of us feel the urgency of time, all the time, hastily, is one of the best ways to secure your paper, even though it still only gets a few minutes. Richmond believes we will all benefit, especially the parents of young children. She said: “It is very hard to get away with being a great sex life when you have a child under the age of four, but stealing five to ten minutes during nap time is entirely feasible.

Spontaneity is an energy booster

Do you know that some unexpected things will make you feel shocked? The same is true of sex: a non-regular, lightning-linked connection can be super vitality. You’ll be back in your daily life and thinking with a smile: “Wow, I’ve had this wonderful moment, and my partner may be just a moment,” Richmond said.

You will feel want and desire

Even if you still fall in love with your partner, you can attract your partner. The daily work and family life can prevent you from feeling the crazy desire to get excited from the beginning. For couples in long-term relationships, it is natural to see the fireworks disappear, but the speed will disappoint them. Knowing your spouse suddenly needs you and feeling your craving for you will remind you of your early relationship when you might not be able to take your hand.

How to get fast habits

The next time you’re lying in bed with your tablet, or you have 10 minutes before friends come to play night, or when you stumble into the shower in the morning to get your job done, Full. “So to say, ‘Hey, do you want to hurry up? Or’ What about the five-minute connection we have now? ”
Richmond said, of course, that does not mean that speed should replace your candlelight party, especially since most women take about 20 minutes to get orgasm when having sex with their partner. The quick reality is that most women do not experience orgasm each time. Richmond said, but this is not always the case.

Richmond asks, “Do you want to connect or do you want an orgasm?” People usually want it, but they can climax themselves. This is the feeling of connection, novelty, fun, adventure that they crave, and this is exactly what a speed can do. “


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