The unremarkable news is that women orgasm less than men. In fact, it’s very old news. But a new study of 52,000 adults in the archives of sexual behavior shows that the Caucasus is not a gender issue, but a gender issue.
The researchers stressed that data proves that lesbian women have more orgasms than straight women. For example, 86 percent of women who have sex with women often or always have orgasms, while only 65 percent of women report the same. Sixty-six percent of bisexual women say they usually climax. In a largely shocking statistic, 95 percent of heterosexual male reports almost always orgasm, as do 89 percent of gay men. All of this helps explain the “orgasm gap” between sexual partners, not just gender.

The researchers also pointed to a “gold trio” – their words – most likely to achieve female orgasm: genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex, combined with vaginal penetration. They believe other factors that lead to more frequent female orgasm are bed experiments, relationship satisfaction and what women ask for partners.
It is also worth noting that 41 per cent of men reported that their partner had always reached orgasm. However, only 33 percent of heterosexual women reported that they were always high. So there is obviously a considerable gap in communication.


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