There are plenty of articles about how to have good sex buzzy skills. Some details can’t be done (excessive smoking and drinking can lead to problems in the bedroom); Other people claim that happiness is about meditation and communication. However, according to recent research, the fulfillment of sexual satisfaction is not part of what you do, but how you think and whether you have an open mind. conducted a reader study to make them happy and intelligent. The results were encouraging: people who had happier sex were more likely to see sex and sex as a spectrum. In fact, about half of the respondents (47 percent) were satisfied with their sex lives, while 42 percent said gender was not stable.
The younger generation, in particular, rejected the black-and-white ideas of the past and instead supported a more open view: the 2016 Fusion’s millennial vw survey found that 50 per cent of millennials thought gender was a spectrum. These interviewees believe they are sometimes male, sometimes female, male or female, male or female. “They/them” is often a byword for priority, and there are many words to describe their identity, such as gender fluency, non-binary and sexist.
Is it a black and white binary view that should be responsible for a bleak love life? While there are multiple factors that influence your last performance, the evidence suggests that an open mind can lead to more fun. That makes sense. After all, more acceptance in the bedroom can foster trust, which allows the two sides to express themselves without judgment. Strict gender norms can also serve as a barrier to communication, and Adena Galinsky of Johns Hopkins university hypothesized that sexual pleasure is essential.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that an open mind can lead to more fun
“Motivated people respond more keenly to the needs of their partners, leading to a positive feedback cycle,” Galinsky told LiveScience in 2011. These developmental assets may be more important for young women’s sexual pleasure because they help them break down barriers to sexual intercourse and exploration. In other words, accepting gender mobility is itself a gender concept. found that 47 per cent of women believed that sex could be mobile, compared with 33 per cent for men.
According to Esquire’s research, directional openness is also associated with sexual satisfaction. Almost half (48 per cent) of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their sex lives, believing that sex was a spectrum. Although due out this kind of complicated factors and difficult to determine The statistics of The LGBT, but demographers Gary j. Gates earlier this year, The report says, there are as many as 10 million americans (4% of The population) as LGBT, and The Daily beast reported, in 2015, seven percent of millennials were identified as LGBT.
Gates in January for The Daily Beast “(The Daily Beast) said:” according to The research, I think The answer is probably, in fact, these Numbers will be more and more close to gay – even more than 10%.
Acceptance of gender mobility is itself a gender concept
Establishing a safe and supportive community for LGBTQ people is not only a step towards social initiative, but also more accepting and fun in the bedroom. In fact, past studies have found that higher gender satisfaction is also associated with physical identity. At the university of Texas Christian Jeannine Gailey in a small study in 2012 found that overweight women report after accept all kinds of body shape better sex, shows that embrace different shape will lead to better, more comfortable sex.
Guy told “Indian express”, when the study became viral, “most people feel the strong body shame, and sex, and until they begin to embody the fat pride. In other words, they went through a transition from feeling bad about the body and being unhappy with sex to improve their physical and sexual lives. “
, of course, if you are willing, you can eat some pineapple or reduce drink, but to the growth of individuals and the society, if you want to open a door of the joy of the new, then you should pay attention to cultivate openness and acceptance. Love is love, love is love.


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