He’ll love it – and so will you.

If mediocre sexual selection is the only option, the only option is a fairly decent assault work and six bags of craft beer, which is likely to be lost at an alarming rate. Yes, it’s true: men, many of whom are taught to prefer sex not to be breathing, to quality oxygen, to have preferences, when it comes to location. And get this: many even prefer quality (!!! ) over quantity.

Now, if all of this makes you feel a little nervous, you’ll find yourself wondering what you need to do to keep your sex life fresh, to ensure your sex life. Most people don’t go looking for a fox tail butt plug (but if you are, today is your lucky day, because they do exist). These people come to reveal their favorite sexual behavior – and most people can imagine,

1. Take your time

“I like to slow down, and both sides have to have oral sex, lots of kisses, heavy stroking, excessive sucking of any part of the body, slowing down the tongue movements at random parts of the body, etc. In general, licking prog processes become sucking, but some early sucking never hurts anyone. “Michael F. 25, San Diego, California

Couple in bed

Lie on your side

“When we stand on the position of each other, I like it very much, because it is very close, but we can be very aggressive, we can fuck when looking at each other, but this position also let us to be able to control the speed and strength, and my thrust, my girlfriend told me that there is something about sex side, in the right way aiming at her clitoris – it will not hurt her faster. – James P. 35, brooklyn, New York

The ankle is on the shoulder

“I don’t have the world’s largest penis, but let me feel I interrupt my girlfriend position is, when she was on her back, I put her ankle on my shoulder, penetrate her wearing this let us two people feel more deeply, especially if her ass is on the bed to hang a little bit. – John Ĵ. 29, phoenix, Arizona

The sex on the couch

“When I sat in a chair or sofa, I like to sit on my penis, I can see and touch everything, including her breasts and clitoris, I know a lot of men like reverse cowgirl, glad to see the girl’s ass and everything, but I always feel it my penis bending to the point of collapse. “- Peter c., 31, asheville, north Carolina

5. Dog style

“The dog, all the way, I am an ass man, for me, nothing is better than looking at her ass straight at me, I now girlfriend not anal sex, this is good, but the dog makes me feel like we have the anus, but better: when we’re done, my penis will not have a strange” surprise “. – Brian S, 27, of Richmond, va.

The position of the cowgirl

“Cowgirl is better than reverse cowgirl and dogs, because part of her body will bounce, I can touch and feel every part of her body, I can see her face and her reaction, you should not underestimate how hot it is. – P aul B., 37, New York, New York

7. Sex in front of a mirror

“Anything in front of the mirror – literally – anything in front of the mirror is 100000 times better than no mirror, give me a look at my girlfriend in front of a mirror of the knee blow job is one of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, but, looking at her in on me, gave us a mirror to see where our eyes can’t see, this is one of the most close to the film is similar to the movies. – New York, New York, Andrew, 37

69 8.

“69 can be amazing – but only when you have the height of the same time, my wife seems to be his ego at the same time the oral less sensitive, so she really relaxed, harder to suck my penis, in short, this is a victory. “- Tom f., 41

From the back, down

“My girlfriend and I liked it, when she was obedient, always let I touched of is her lie on her stomach, and I’m lying on top of her from behind, feel more private than a dog, because I can put her hands in her chest or rubbing her clitoris is also at the same time, I also like to use my hands over her body, hands down, always feel the penis in that position as deep as possible. – stefan, 31, hawthorne, New Jersey

When you tell him a story

“Our position is not important, because all of the jobs have pros and cons (mostly professionals), but when my girlfriend started to tell me the fantasy, she has her back home, I found that her best friend gave me a blowjob, then add in, in a few seconds, and I have to stop their own orgasm, she describes every detail, and in her eyes and looked at me – it just makes me want to work harder to do, or do I have to do anything, she took a long time to get her friend into the fantasy (she had ignored the identity), but I told her, men are visual, not be frightened by this, so she went and this makes her gender is more hot. “-justin R., 29, raleigh, north Carolina

Good missionary

“It makes me sound is very poor, but sometimes there is no better than old-fashioned missionary sex, I can fully control the rhythm and beat, can I put my hand on my wife’s ass, it feels like I put her entire body in my hands, I think a lot of women are underestimated some men like to kiss them, when we make love to rub their breasts and body – and missionaries are very close. Thomas k., 33, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When you sit on his face

“My girlfriend is not restricted in the bedroom, she was one of the things I do make me crazy is, when I sat on the sofa, she won’t ask for oral or implied, she will be coming to me in front of me, raised her bed, sit on my face, forcing me to began to lick her, I mean, she’s not really” push me “, because I like it, but you got it. – Jeff j., 37, New York state Hudson valley

Talk while you’re breathing

“Teeth, there’s nothing wrong with blow job, but a great blow job, is a woman who is looking at me, and she is doing it, and try to talk to me.” – Shane c., 29, queens, New York

When you give the ball to them

“I really like this, when the girls spend more energy to play with my ball – gently, of course – when they are on me or even we have sex, it is a very sensitive area, if done well, really let me go.

No, seriously, any sex in the mirror!

“One night, my wife, if she’s up to my bedroom, we can see her ass, through her behind the screen reflection, I saw her ass, I’m crazy, crazy hot, like watching porn, she suggested, or even to turn around. “- Greg P., 38, Los Angeles

From the back sex to your legs

“For me, when my girlfriend is the best position in bed together lying in bed, when I enter her from behind, she feels really very nervous, I think it is a good place for her, I can stretch hand to touch her clitoris and breast. “- Denis l., 31, Toronto, Canada

When you remember his exact turn

“I mentioned a girl when she was wearing high heels make me crazy, I’ve been staring at that girl, she immediately thought of the things I’m into, next time we on the bed, the missionary position, nothing crazy, with her legs wrapped around my feet, her feet on my hips/hip, almost pulled me to her, when she was close to orgasm, but I could feel her toes tight… My body temperature just remembered 5 degrees. “- Kenneth M, 36, Hoboken, New Jersey

When you let him know what you like

“Most people have their own” things “, but almost all of us have an overwhelming desire – if we know that you have joined this things, we will join in, I have talked to a woman/speak sarcastically said people looking at their phone during conversation makes me want to choke; Her response was to take out the phone immediately and whisper, ‘promise, promise’. “– Greg O, 34, of Chicago, Illinois.

When you’re just a little bit tied up

“When my hands were cuffed live or tied to the front, I like to use one arm put her hands on your head, and I hold her back and back, that maximize our skin contact, gave me a lot of leverage,” we can moan into each other’s ear. -dan M, 32, Kansas city, Missouri

When you clean up your behavior – common

“Once in a while to take a bath in the morning is a good start – sometimes my wife will let me surprise, or we will take the time to do a complete transaction, it will make me a better mood in a day. I knew I’d have a long and nasty meeting and Monday wouldn’t be that bad! “- Benjamin b., 34, st. Louis, Missouri

When you bite his ear

“I used to date a girl, and when she wanted to reach orgasm, my head was close to her whisper and then bite my earlobe when it happened. It was really hot.” -daniel e., 39, Austin, TX


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