Stephen marche added a parenthesis in several paragraphs: “how naive you are, you should not understand that sex itself is all about the power of pleasure.”

Then he asked: “when we create a world of equality, the male desire mechanism is intrinsically cruel? “

Interestingly, women’s feelings are completely absent. As a woman, I have to ask myself: where has he been in the last four or five decades? Hadn’t he heard of it? Women love sex!

Woman Undressing for Man

There is, of course, a link between power and sex, but it is self-mediated.

If the sexual act of the media is really driven by the body’s instincts, as Mr Marquet asserts, the defendant will expose himself to the hierarchy of his hierarchical social chain. But that’s not what happened. Instead, immature and impaired people have allowed themselves to harass and/or attack targets they deem easy to conquer. In doing so, they cater to their own needs rather than their physical needs.

We have reason to expect that as soon as we reach adulthood, people can distinguish between the need for physical drive and the need for self-actuation, and the need for voluntary partners and goals. If a man or a woman cannot imagine, control himself, and act accordingly, he should not be challenged by power and influence.

Oh boy, let’s do it again: a universal attack on male sex. The submitter’s appeal to sigmund Freud and Andre dvorkin was rationalizing. Growing up in working-class families, I learned from my father how to be around women. I don’t feel the need to explore women. I believe we are talking about a small proportion of men – men, sex addicts and drunk teenagers. Please allow us to make groundless comments on a person who proposes to say all the obligations and obligations of all persons.

Relationship problem – couple portrait

As an older man, I have to thank Stephen Marche for all the mistakes I made in my life – the source of my “cruel” male sexuality. Thankfully, the Catholic good boy had a good excuse to defend me for the crimes of st. Peter’s in pilligates.

Although people might question Mr Le marche fundamentally hobbesian world view, think people are essentially evil, especially the man, “when men desire mechanism is essentially a cruel, we should how to create a world of equality?


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These harassment is not the onset of sexual desire, but power, pure and simple, widely condemned the essence of “male”, is a serious ideology fallacy of nonsense, make men can only be under the control of the mechanism of “men”.

Stephen Marche asked the fundamental question behind the recent sexual harassment allegations: what does society do to men’s sexuality that causes so many women suffering?

Perhaps a simple, incremental policy change could help: legalise prostitution. It is not for everyone, not to cure all powerful men (and women), but think of when we try to help the human to overcome the “cruel” god give pain, it can solve many problems.

Well, there are pigs, but we seem to have a writer who discovers that men are fundamentally evil. Enough is enough. There’s no inherent “toxicity” to masculinity – in fact, as a woman, I can say it’s pretty good. For the vast majority of men, it’s not “cruel” to their sexual behavior. And, for a woman, there are no unnecessary images, and the real wonder – even the transcendence – comes from the drive of her partner’s desire. Sweet surrender melds flesh and soul.

Although Andrea dworkin by her trust, as Stephen marche described, “the only thing between a man and a woman can not violent sex is sex lazy penis”, man and women are not happy for this, not to mention countless generations.

After careful reading, I can’t tell what Stephen Marche has been in a coherent relationship between parenting and masculinity, or what the next man and woman should do. I guess I’m curled up together.

But, I know: before men are men, they are men. Until we commit to consciously raising the expectations of boys and girls and a single value based on compassion and justice – gender and gender – we can’t do better than that.

I recently overheard two six-year-old boys laughing and chanting: “boys go to college to get knowledge, and girls go to Jupiter to fool.” And that’s it.

Traditional gender roles, in power, privileges and status of design is opposite and inequality, is deliberately use the oppression of the tools for centuries, oppressing women not only makes a few men, and oppression, most of the other men in the world. Let’s look at the cruelty of this man and see what happens.

We should “start with a basic understanding that masculinity is a worthy subject,” writes Stephen markey. Let’s start with a basic understanding that women are a problem worth thinking – and finally. The first western story of literature is about Adam and eve. The story was interpreted as an insubordination, and eve was punished for her daring. Can that apple be a metaphor for her sexuality? We need Camille Paglia to join here to defend the power of women to see that they don’t have to be victims. We’re getting into a celebrity culture space and I worry that the victim card is more attractive than having a strong apple.


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