In the post-weinstein world

It’s been a big week for women.

On Tuesday, Victoria’s secret fashion show, also known as “the world’s largest fashion event,” broadcast on television in the United States, millions of people are expected to watch include Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid and Lais Ribeiro, model. In Shanghai on the runway, wearing thigh high with short boots, a variety of underwear, and a $2 million diamond-encrusted bra, many of which are from the shoulder the great wings fly out.

Next, on Friday, fashion insiders and super stylist Katie grant (Katie Grand) beloved British magazine Love will begin to launch online video has become the most important function of the year – advent calendar. This year’s edition includes videos of various celebrity models, boxing and jumping, and the muscles of different Numbers (or not) of clothing. The videos will appear every day on December 1, solstice in early January.

According to companies, over 1.4 billion people in 192 countries saw Victoria’s secret program last year, and 84 million watched Love video (11 million people alone watched Ms. Hadid). These Numbers, no matter which brand they come from, are the largest, and the largest number of people attending any fashion event. The concept of strip – changing has a clear business need.

But in the current culture, strong men are like bowling, because the root of bad behavior is the objectification of women, so what is the need for morality? What fantasy is it to be fed?

In the case of the post-sexy girl, the weinstein world is more complicated than it might be.

“And women’s sexual harassment cases appeared in Harvey accident after a surprising number, I am very disappointed to hear women talk about” humble “and” our responsibility “, as if once again, we need to adapt to the rest of the world are more likely to “, Emily Ratajkowski, said his video – she wear lace underwear and knitted gloves, on the surface of the Italian on the Italian dress up yourself – is due to love on the third day of the calendar.

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“I’m tired of how I would look at men if I were wearing a short skirt or Posting a sexy Instagram,” she says. “I want to do what I want to do.”

“The Secret of Victoria” (Victoria ‘s Secret) has long been defined performance about giving women more power: women have their own sexuality, prompting their fantasy become a fairy princess, or so it seems Pocahontas (area). (the real Finnish plush snow cap, the feathered “native American headdress” appears again on the show, titled “winter’s story,” paired with tribal tights and peep shoes).

This is a familiar route. This is Madonna how to promote her book “sex”, and the like Dita Von Teese such star, not to mention Liz Goldwyn; in her documentary film and book in the “beautiful” paint stripper art history and her love of it. Victoria’s secret sticks to this argument.

“I know there are other things,” said Edward Razek, the chief creative officer of L Brands, a Victoria’s secret owner. “But for us, it’s the strength and uniqueness that a man can’t compete with.”

“Victoria’s secret” of the late photographer Russell James (Russell James) has just released a new book “the secret” background (runs Backstage Secrets), he said: “these women have their own appearance, have their own voice, have their own power.

Mr Razek said: “they are the most beautiful and healthy women on the planet. You can’t let supermodels do anything they don’t want to do. “

If you accept that, from the show, what they want to do is play a part of the highly decorative soft-core siren, which seems a little odd.

This may be why Mr Razek admits that “there is always a risk of a rebound”. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) said it best: “hate hate” (he also dismissed any political problem in China, although there’re a lot about gigi hadid and katy perry for various political errors and denied a visa, he insisted, “the Chinese people are very welcome and protection.” )

If Victoria’s secret refuses to help reveal the collusion of some women’s bodies, then love tries to solve the problem to some extent.

“It would be foolish not to think about it,” said ms grand. “We’re probably in the most fashionable era I know, and it feels like the eye of a storm.”

The Advent calendar has been “laughing” since its launch in 2011. Last year, director Hype Williams was involved, and ms Grand said: “sexy.” This year, different creative advisers came first: Lena Dunham.

“She said she thought it was liberating and wanted to get involved.” Ms grand recalls that ms dunham, who was recently apologised after being accused of having raped a male colleague, was part of the process. They didn’t know each other before. “I think it’s a pretty smart way to put it somewhere else,” ms grant said.


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