Power and greed – the causes of all atrocities

There are many unjust things in the world, most of which are caused by power and greed. Most conflicts in the world are also the result of both. Some conflicts are well known; Others are hidden, completely forgotten, despite decades of murder and torture in order to ask for the right to freedom.

One is called Ogaden, or the Somali region in southeastern Ethiopia. This is where the Somali people live. They lived on these lands for centuries and were free and independent until the europeans reached the coast of Africa. Britain is a major force in the colonial rule of the horn of Africa. During that time, an African empire, called Abyssinia, later changed its name to Ethiopia, and conquered the southeast by means of European support and armed forces.

There’s not much history. Just say that the europeans left, but the abyssinians stayed. When the British left the ogaden region, they ceded the last part of the region to the present Ethiopia, defying the wishes of the local population. The region has been a conflict zone since then. The Ethiopian regime is turning it into a military zone that completely stops Ethiopia and other parts of the world. Rape, arbitrary arrest, cold-blooded murder and hunger have become the norm of the day. Locals must defend their livestock, lifestyle, culture and dignity.

The Ethiopian army has killed two of my brothers, six Cousins and countless relatives and friends.

Yes, I am passionate about the struggle of the people of ogaden. Yes, I know someone will say “you have a bias” or “you are a supporter of the anti-peace movement”. But I think the answer is very simple. I am one of the people in this region who is affected by the atrocities of the current ruling party and the personal effects of previous regimes.

In 1977, my grandfather, his brother and their five Cousins were mutilated in their village in retaliation for the war in ogaden. At that time, my father fled the area because of the tragedy of family slaughter and the fear of life. He lives in a refugee camp in somalia. This is where my siblings and I were born. Life was hard and safe before the civil war in somalia, turning locals into refugees.

Although nothing has changed, my father has to bring his family back to his hometown, and the Ethiopian army has been following his family. From 1991 to today, the Ethiopian military has killed two of my brothers, six Cousins and countless relatives and friends. They shut up almost all my family, and drove a whole generation of families out. We now live in four different continents.

For those who grew up in a liberal democracy, it is difficult to understand and understand the causes of the conflict that led to the massacre of thousands of people. But we can all agree that the state and the people need leadership. Without it, land would fall into anarchy and lawlessness. But on the other side of the coin, abuse of power leads to conflict and chaos. When a person abuses his power and leads to human rights violations, the desire for power enters the head of the leader, and then becomes greedy for power and resources. Ogaden is a land of natural resources and millions of livestock, but the Ethiopian regime is exporting food and people are dying of hunger. People lack water, food, education and development. Even now, the outbreak of cholera is seriously affecting people. Hundreds died and millions were threatened. But no one is talking about it.

The military is shooting at civilians who have peacefully protested in areas such as oromia and amhara. To survive, ogaden’s people had to turn a blind eye to their loved ones who were killed. They can talk less about their rights. This brings me back to my speech, power and greed. In ogaden, we have a so-called regional President set up by the current Ethiopian regime. This man’s power and greed have come to the point where Ethiopia’s army is willing to do anything for him, as long as they keep him in power. He and his li yu police, a paramilitary group with the right to act arbitrarily, have committed more serious human rights violations in the region. The local President has degraded people to the point where everyone is suspicious of each other and even worried about their own shadow. Still, he was not satisfied with all the abuse he had against his people. He also wants to silence foreign people, the only voice in ogaden. He has carried out a campaign in the diaspora, where he has terrorized anyone involved in the arrest of their loved ones in ogaden. In this way, he can keep them silent and even support him against his wishes and judgment.

Power and greed can blind a person. But the last factor that dictators often do is support them by the thousands. I urge all those who value humanity to speak to the people of ogaden. Speak up for those who have been forgotten! Those who live in the diaspora can do so much by telling your personal stories, or speaking when you hear or see an injustice in ogaden. Contact local and national politicians and tell them about the atrocities. Involvement in human rights organizations and advocacy of human rights. For those of you who have been inundated, try to stand up for your rights. Record atrocities when possible, and tell the world the facts. Don’t do any regime that demands injustice from each other.


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