The untimely television establishment, “the evil of the night” benefits four hours

“Night crime” is different from most Internet TV clips.

Actually it has a four hour format which is very interesting. (Sunday and Tuesday at 8pm on CBS/Ch. In addition to the strong story, “sin of the night” has a good direction, good performance, enough stimulation and cold war to make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t look at this alone!

Valerie Bertinelli, a state investigator who is a state investigator’s Megan, has suddenly become an exciting new job in a small town in the northwest. The first day, an 8-year-old boy was kidnapped. The only clue is the mysterious notes left by the abductor.

Megan and the town’s police chief, mitch (harry Hamlin), led the search for the boy. As it turns out, mickey has a dark secret – his wife and young son were kidnapped and brutally murdered a few years ago.

The investigation revealed a great deal of dark secrets in this seemingly peaceful town. Some are ultimately directly related to the case, others are not – it’s part of the plot.

The abduction has been linked to a series of murders in more than two decades.

Unlike so many TV shows, you can’t figure out the show in the first hour. The narrative points out that, to some extent, almost everyone in town is a suspect – and these are not just the pesky red herring that is causing you to divert you.

John Leekley’s screenplay – a great adaptation of Tami Hoag’s novel – gives the viewer a glimpse of the same frustrating, terrifying journey. There seem to be hopeful clues that don’t flood, and some clues that don’t seem important are the most important.

Everything that happened was put together four hours ago.

Director Robert Allan Ackerman is known for his different types of TV movies – including his emmy-winning work in the emmy-winning “David’s mother”. But he did a great job, making “the night’s SINS” all the more interesting and terrifying.

It’s a suspense

Hollywood has created a thriller for drama that will give you a chance to start without spilling blood.

But from the grotesque glass eyes of the suspect to the mummified bodies, and the kidnappers (or the kidnappers?). Strange notes, mysterious phone calls, “night crimes” are creepy. Oh dear!

Besides Bertinelli and Hamlin, “night” and Karen Sillas and Martin Donovan as kidnap victims her parents’ strong performance, Mariska Hargitay as a horrible TV reporter, William Russ as a slick sheriff, David Marshall Grant, Colm Feore, Michael Cumpsty Tim DeKay and Jeffrey DeMunn as a variety of town/suspect.

And, while not credit, park is one of the show’s stars. “Night crime” was shot dead in Utah, mostly in park city and herb.

Local audiences will recognize many local websites. The city’s old hospital – now the local library – plays an important role in drama.

However, “night crime” is definitely not the entertainment of the whole family. CBS has rated 14 TV stations, and viewers should take it seriously.

Violence, though not excessive or unpaid, is an integral part of the story. On “NYPD Blue,” you’ll see some damp scenes.

But “night’s sin” is still the best miniseries of the season, and the only one that won’t make it four hours long by overfilling.

MINISERIES series? If Valerie Bertinelli walks her way, the miniseries won’t be the last Night Sins you’ll ever see.

She hopes it will become a weekly on CBS.

She said: “I like to do it very much and I would like to see it done well, so we can do it well.” “There’s a lot more about megan and mickey and I want to know more about the characters and the other characters.

Betty Nellie has a series of agreements with CBS. But whether she plays an hour of drama or an hour and a half of comedy, it will be decided by “which script is better.”

“I told them to stick with it for an hour, because I love it,” she said. “They are still developing for half an hour, but I have been trying for two and a half hours without success, and I believe they are good.

(Betty’s first TV play “a day for a day”, 1975-1984, she was only 15 years old began her performance, she starred in a lot of very successful television and movies, but her two sitcom “Sydney” and “the cafe Americain”, two people died fairly quickly.

Bertinelli is eager to do another series, but Hamlin is not.

“I am begging him now,” said bertinelli.


Hamlin said he did “good times” in Los Angeles for five years, but he left because “I wanted to play more.”

However, the two men seem to be the biggest fans of each other.

“I love this because I work with Valerie every day,” Hamlin said. “In addition to being a phenomenal actress, she’s just one of the greatest in the world.”

“It’s not fair,” said Betty nelly. “I didn’t do it. I love you more.”

“You’ll get a chance,” he answered. “Maybe a series will be fun, you never know.”

Betty nelly says she persuaded Hamlin to sign for two years. “I want to get him to three or four,” she said. “But, look, the first thing is to do well.”

This is how the “night crime” of ratings will determine its future.




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