Virtual reality gets mischievous

In early 2014, 31-year-old elah Darling, a porn actress, recorded her first virtual reality sex scene. She wore a r2-d2 swimsuit and sports socks at a university of Maryland college dorm. She sat on a double bed, next to a wooden table, talking to the camera as if it were a real person. No storyline, no other actors.

“It’s a solo masturbation scene,” she said. “I’m very co f and then a little dirty. I feel sexy. “

Ms. Darling has been photographing pornography since she was 22 years old and taking her job seriously. It is her duty to persuade listeners to stay in touch with her physically and emotionally. She tried everything, including acting as a fetish, sexually stimulating another woman (” electrosex “) and dressing as a real estate agent. However, whatever temptation and involvement she did, the results were always voyeuristic, because she always kept her and her fans apart.

But this time it’s different. Virtual reality USES many camera lenses to record the same scene from hundreds of angles. When the cotton seams are stitched together, the viewer can see the room’s 180 or 240 degrees of vision, and the sense that he or she is there. When Ms. Darling saw the scene she recorded, she knew that virtual reality would have a huge impact on her work and the adult entertainment industry.

“You can pretend you’re in the bedroom with me,” she said. “it’s someone you like. “You’re going through it.”

While virtual reality porn may be a sci-fi movie, it has a terrible underground existence. According to the website Pornhub, VR views have risen by 275% since it launched in the summer of 2016. The site now averages about 500,000 visits (up from 900,000 on Christmas day 2016).

Tom Rogers on November 1, 2017

So, VR porn is to tell men that if their partner isn’t satisfied, she doesn’t spend enough time heating herself.

Waleed Khalid, November 1, 2017

Not knowing why so many people sound surprised, VR is adapting to porn. The original VR was meant to push the graphics boundaries…

Mikhail, October 31, 2017

The real focus should be on the Internet sexbots for viruses, worms or spyware. In view of personal high price tag…

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According to Piper Jaffray, an investment and management firm, the porn industry will be the third-largest VR industry by 2025. It is predicted that only video games and NFL content will be bigger, with a market value of $1 billion.

“We’re getting more and more each day,” said Mark Kernes, senior editor of the AVN media network. “We are leading the technology in this area. Where there is money for sex, there are entrepreneurs who want to adopt it and make money from it.

Porn was the first printing press, which stimulated the Internet, online payment system and other technologies. Mr Kernes said it was time for virtual reality: “I’m sure there are more porn VR in VR.”

Headphones are just the beginning

Ms. Darling was first experienced at the E3 conference in the video game industry. Inspired by the possibility of pornography, she found a Reddit student who knew about the technology but lacked stars. Not long after, Ms. Darling began broadcasting weekly VR clips in her Los Angeles bedroom.

According to Mr Knes, she was one of the first women to have a VR camera. She then started a company called VRTube. XXX, which has licensed the technology to, which employs more than 40 people.

While the entire porn industry is challenging, given the potential for abuse, disease and exploitation, the virtual genre has more moral issues and perhaps legal issues. For example, can you make love with characters in virtual reality?

“Virtual reality is like the wild west,” said Bryony Cole, host of “the future”, a podcast about exploring technology and sex.

At the AVN adult entertainment expo in Las Vegas in January, the latest development of vr porn was presented.

CamSoda, which specialises in live sex on video, hosted a show showing porn stars, showing up in bathing suits and waving to the audience. They show off OhRama, a small pot that connects to a virtual reality headset and emits an odor in action. “Believe it or not, the smell is created by the girls,” Mr. Kernez said. “It’s sweet, musty. They know what they like. ”

There are also companies that are increasing their experience of taste and touch.

Another important role is CamasutraVR, a start-up that USES 142 cameras, which are both a person or a body part. “They are creating images that they hope will not be distinguishable from the real people,” Mr Kines said. “I’m sure those people want them to use VR at home.”

There are also virtual reality companies that are showing partnerships with sex toy companies to create vibrators or penile pumps associated with VR materials. “As the motions increase, so does the vibration of the vibrator,” he says.

One of the sexiest inventions is the sex robot. The first harmony was introduced in May by a company called Realbotix. In the seductive video on YouTube, harmony shows her long legs, firm breasts, full lips, lifelike gestures, even her wits.

“What do you think of sex?” An unknown host asked her in a video.

“Sex is one of the most fascinating things in the world,” she responded with a shrill voice. “I didn’t see any problems.” Harmony can be connected to virtual reality, allowing the user to interact with her in this space. She can perform all the movements the viewer is watching.

Matt McMullen, chief executive and creative director of Realbotix, said: “it’s a video game that combines science fiction. The company has been making dolls for 20 years, and these dolls are associated with artificial intelligence, not virtual reality. “Based on our experience with hundreds of thousands of customers, people do use them for sex, but there’s more to it,” McMullen said. We focus on company. ”

Virtual reality is called the empathy machine because it makes people feel that they are truly connected to action. “It’s a neurological disease,” says Holly Richmond, a physical psychologist in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. “you’re not just observing and thinking about it. You feel it. It’s not just your genitals. It’s a literal connection. ”

When Ms. Darling performs an x-rated performance, users can leave messages and chat on the screen. “People in virtual reality tell other people to look at me in two dimensions and stop screwing it up,” she says. “They think they know me and are in the bedroom with me.”

Many sex therapists and education workers are interested in new technologies, just as dentists might detect gadgets with the latest patches. Richmond woman BaDoinkVR, a virtual reality company that works in rochester, New York, creates virtual sexology, a series of free video, to help men and women overcome gender problems.

A recent video update in June brought women into the bedroom and saw how a blonde woman evoked herself before sex. She sat in front of her partner, massaging her arms, legs and breasts. As her breathing heats up, a voice says that some women need to be moved before they feel any sexual desire. The first video for men was the most downloaded video on in 2016 – an impressive feat since it competes with non-educational erotic content.

The podcast host ms cole is excited about how virtual reality can be applied to sex education.

“What if we asked young people to identify risk behaviors while recording video?” she said. “Or they can say to someone in a room that ‘I’ve been exposed to herpes, that’s my experience’. This is more valuable than a gonorrhea slide. ”

Emory university school of medicine, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, emory veterans Barbara Ross baum, director of the plan are the research of virtual reality how to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by military trauma patients.

The programme is building a scene where victims can be brought to camps, tents, private homes, toilets, offices or remote buildings and vehicles. The idea is that going back to these places will actually help the victims face their memories so that they can advance more internally and peacefully.

But in order for virtual reality to work, the scene must be so lifelike that the user gets lost in it and turns it into reality. They must feel that they are participants, not just observers. “We can create three-dimensional institutions in virtual reality and do what we want to do as we wish,” says ms cole. With the development of technology, this problem is inevitable.

McMurdo, says Mr Aaron, his company is facing a problem is, entrust the doll doll looks like in real life people completely, perhaps they never went to his former girlfriend, or someone they imagined. His company needs to use the written consent of the model to use it.

Ms cole says VR will have to solve the same problem because they are better tailored to the avatar and seem to fit the customer’s requirements perfectly. She said: “what’s the line between reality and fantasy? What can we do in this area?” “What does consent in virtual reality mean? What can you do with your girlfriend in virtual reality, and what you won’t do in real life? If you use someone’s portrait in virtual reality, do you need their permission? What about revenge porn? The virtual reality will be more serious. ”

Her concern is that technology, like dating apps, is as easy to fit into culture as it is to attract people away from melee.

Of course, partners must also negotiate virtual reality to constitute deception. After all, it’s more realistic than traditional porn.

But Mr. McMullan said many people have accused his sex robots of doing so, but he believes he is helping to ease a bad situation, rather than causing it. “Some people are already lonely, and one lives a lonely life. They work all day and go home empty, “he said. “It’s just an alternative to these types of people. They have no one else. “


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