Just tip: a simple guide to safe sex and good manners

Communication: make sure all partners agree. Sex should be a pleasurable activity for each participant. You should feel no obligation or have the right to have sex with another person. You and your partner should agree and enthusiastically agree to sex; If one or both of you are intoxicated, it is best to be safe. Once you’re all on the same page, consider some of the flippant/dirty topics that make you feel.

Hygiene: it doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s essential. Brush your teeth and tongue, keep your fingernails trimmed, scrub with soap and water in their (ladies: don’t use soap on your vagina or flushing, unless you are looking for a UTI). Whether you like to be smooth and naked or wild and free, the hair of your body can keep your favorite beauty. Clean any toy with warm water and soap.

Wrap it up: protection is necessary. Even if you or your partner are on contraception, condoms can prevent STDS, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They also make it easier to clean up later. You never know what your new sexual partner might have, because some of the sexual diseases like HPV or herpes simplex may be dormant or have no obvious symptoms. Play it safe!

Interesting fact: you can cut the condom in length to make a great dental dam.

Anal lover: the anal tissue is prone to tears. A condom or latex glove can reduce the risk of tearing and prevent the spread of disease/infection.

Toys: use unlubricated condoms on a porous or jelly toy (when you’re solo)

Birth control: if you use antibiotics or are overweight, some contraceptive methods will be ineffective. Hormones have a different effect on everyone. Consult your doctor and find out what works best for you.

Know your body: take some time to experiment with your body and see what makes you open. Consider using a sex toy like vibrator, fake penis or beaded, so you can get to know your heart.

Communication: great sex involves a lot of communication between you and your partner, whether it’s simply “slowing down” or stressing “yes, yes! Oh my god, it’s just that! Don’t stop! “Don’t be afraid to ask for anything. Try not to share your partner, try to keep an open mind.

Sex shouldn’t hurt. Unless, of course, you are. If you suffer unnecessarily during sex, it means that you and/or your partner may have done wrong. Try longer foreplay meetings, different positions, and lots of lube. Don’t be afraid to discuss the problem with your doctor if it persists.

Interesting fact: the pillow is your new secret weapon. If you are a low-level partner in a missionary or pup style, place them under your hips/knees to make your partner a better Angle and prevent fatigue.

Interesting fact: if you have a sensitive response to swallowing reflex, breathe through your nose during oral sex. Don’t panic – just slow down, take a deep breath, or take a break if you need a break.

Experiment: have fun and study each other’s bodies. Orgasm is fun, but it’s not mandatory, although you should be working on it! If you can’t climax, don’t panic. Instead, resolve the possible reasons why you might not have a partner with them (S).


Communication: important after good. Take some time to be close to your partner and talk about what is and isn’t for you. Enjoy the glow.

Clean up: go to the bathroom immediately after sex and urinate. Urinary tract infection is severe and is susceptible to infection.

Testing: even if you use protective measures, it’s important to test after meeting new partners. The sooner you get caught, the better the chance of successful treatment. Ask what your doctor’s tests cover, because many of the non-tests are still easy to contract for all sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Accidents happen. If the condom breaks or there is an unnecessary accidental collision, the morning pill can be purchased over-the-counter and effective in the first 72 hours, although early use is the most effective.

How to do? At your own pace, consider what is going on between you and your partner. Relationships come in many forms (monogamy, plural, open, helpful friends, dom/sub, etc.) and are not static. Make sure you can identify warning flags for abusive relationships. No matter what happens between you, respect and consideration


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