Mischievous list: the sex toy industry in China is booming

With the debate over the “made in China” toy, it is safe to say that many buyers really care about the proposals. Recently, the two biggest us toy maker Mattel (Mattel) and Fisher (Fisher Price) more state agreement reached $12 million, proved that the production of toys in China need to be better control measures.

According to a CBC article, China’s sex toy industry is actually booming. At a recent adult trade show in macau, suppliers showed no signs of selling, and 400 adult toy companies in China pulled out products that made millions happy.

From a company that sells personal lubricant spokesman Chris Shaw (Chris Shaw) to the royal bank of Canada (CBC), the global economic crisis, the industry is how to escape unscathed.

“For the sale of our products – if people don’t go on holiday, if they stay at home, if they try to find other things to entertain themselves and spend money – people buy products and lubricating oil, because this is a simple, cheap way, for they may be like a pair of husband and wife to enjoy themselves,

Other companies in the industry have similar stories, and the evidence from clients and dealers suggests that these cheap toys are a great way to improve the economy at home.

Some argue that the growing industry is changing its thinking, and sex toys are no longer the dark secrets hidden in simple brown packages. Either way, the toy industry in the adult toy industry or “naughty list” is worth about $7 billion.

So, people spend very little money on expensive holidays, and maybe “made in China” will get a brand new name: toys that make the world happy!


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