More men buy sex toys. So why does stigma still exist?

One wrapped in an egg box by the artist Keith Haring. Another gadget that might be mistaken for ikea; The third remote control is similar to the game system. All of these are sex toys designed for men, and Canadian retailers are seeing sales of all three. And in the movie “lars” and “real girls” of the useless pneumatic sex dolls “Bianca” (Bianca), compared to male new adult toys has developed into a sophisticated design, almost is clever.


Sales are rising sharply, and Canada Toronto sex shop now that you have all over the country launched a month more than 800 such products, and one of the early maker of men’s toys Fleshlight companies have reported that a boom in online sales, wholesale Numbers over the past five years, the average annual growth of 25%.

Despite this demand, heterosexual men’s adult toys remain an unusual wrinkle in the sexual revolution. There is now a vibrator state of women now have some kind of empowerment – this is largely thanks to 1998 “sex and the city episode,” charlotte fell in love with pink “rabbit” – man more contradictions: buy toys that can’t lay a loner.

Last Come as You Are a common owner Sarah Forbes Roberts (Sarah Forbes – Roberts) and “the Globe and Mail” (Globe and Mail) talked about the sense of new varieties of toys – prices Are usually between $10 to $100, why should adhere to the double standards.

Why is this stigma attached to a guy who buys adult toys?

There is still a sense of shame in male sexuality. Men don’t have a feminist revolution or authors tell them that sex is healthy. They should wake up like teenagers and go all out. The sex and feminism revolution and the “sex and the city” media, women talk to each other about the vibrators they buy, and they go to the store shopping. Men don’t talk to their male friends about what sex toys they buy, and there is no such culture in male sexuality. The irony is that we have such a kind of culture, with a lot of money to meet the male sex sex, but we are talking about is the commercial image, rather than in the form of personal exploration of your body.

This is one of the only aspects of a man’s search for sexual pleasure, which is far more severe than a woman’s. What’s the basic idea here?

A lonely man in a windbreaker. When men enter the store, they often offer reasons to buy sex toys: their partner has left, they just divorced. But the stigma is changing because women are now buying sex toys for men and allowing them to be “private” with themselves. At least half of what we sell is a gift from the opposite sex. We often hear women say, “I have, why not?”

What does the industry do to men?

This has changed a lot in the last five years. We’re selling higher-end products than cheap low-end products. Now we’re seeing people who value sexual experience, who spend as much money on sex toys as they spend on a pair of shoes.

The sleeves of the Japanese company Tenga masturbating. It is sold in a completely different way from previous male sex toys.

They use really cute packaging and pop culture references. Toys don’t come off like dirty, but they can be touched. Many people buy it for their partners: if they’re on vacation, they’re going out with them.

Another Tenga product is the Flip Hole. This is very high-tech and very sleek – not body parts. It looks like apple packaging. Another product is very geometric and different textures. They are beautiful

Many of these new toys are not female, let alone human form.

These days we sell toys that are almost invisible to men or women. This is a sex toy, and nobody can replace anyone’s fantasy. This is the relationship between their fantasy life and their real people.

Should men be cautious?

This is definitely a part of it. Fleshlight is the first in the market, and the product looks like a flashlight on a shelf.

But they are also made a porn star model, and use the “Pirates” (Pirates) sold some models, this is one of the highest budget pornographic movies – it features high ship and CGI. Other bodies are shaped like swords.

Fans of the expo geek.

Some of these things happen. But Fleshlight was also the first to make high-end, sophisticated and durable toys for men. Many sex toy companies don’t have a lot of accountability for that day because people don’t ask questions in stores. The product will eventually fall apart, some of it made of inflatable rubber, and not so good. Today, materials have evolved – they are softer, more flexible and more durable. It’s not socks and bananas. Higher tech than this.


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