Renting out girlfriends: Toronto’s new sugar daddy economy rules

Olivia dates rich old men for gifts and money. She doesn’t think it’s prostitution. In her mind, among thousands of other young Toronto women, they have formed a similar for-profit relationship, and it’s not just a business exchange.

In her teens, Olivia didn’t get along with her mother, and after she left halifax high school, she moved out and continued to enjoy benefits. She found that her bright blue eyes, perfect breast, flat stomach, grasslands is her models show on television programs and performances at the box office, but the scattered and income work is poor. Two years ago, she moved to Toronto to find more opportunities. Now 25, she earns enough to pay her rent, but not enough to support her own lifestyle.

Last year, a friend of Olivia told her that she was to see a man she met on, this is a production site, aims to promote wealthy older and wealthy older men with young women. Over the past decade, many of these sites have been launched to help women negotiate gifts, allowances, tuition, mentors or just one night in exchange for their friendship, often with intercourse. Olivia’s friends usually get a nice dinner, bottle of champagne and cash. She calls her date her sugar daddy and thinks of herself as his sugar baby.

Olivia likes wealthy people to help her cause, tell her how to succeed, and push her to live in the same direction. Plus, she wants to have fun. She put her personal data on and later on The first few men she met were not perfect. A man will not be his door. The other one got married. Many people just want to pay for sex, but eventually she meets a newly divorced doctor in her 40s who has a little sugar baby.

When they first met, he booked a room at the trump hotel. He is not particularly handsome, but he is very tidy. They drank together in the hotel room, and he asked her about her goals and interests. No sex, no physical contact. In the evening, he gave her the number.

Since then, they have had two or three dates each month. She told me that she had a strong intellectual attraction to him. She likes to be generous to her children. She thinks she has two or three children, but she doesn’t know if she can talk to anything. She likes him more than her body needs her.

For the most part, he decided when to meet. Sometimes they have sex, sometimes with another woman or two women, but they often just eat dinner, or drink together, or talk for a long time. No matter what they did, her sugar daddy always handed over $500 in the end. He thrust it into her hand, delicate as a sparrow’s wing, saying, “for you.” Olivia thought it was a gentlemanly gesture. She never talked about the amount, although a lot of sugar babies did. She did not consider herself an escort. If that’s what he wants, she says, he can go somewhere else.

For many sugar dads, the idea of hiring a prostitute is not good – they don’t like to publicly acknowledge a woman’s money with them, or she’s likely to fake her sexual pleasure. Sugar daddy wants a more authentic relationship. They usually like to put himself as a white knight – make it possible for young women to go to school, get her dream job, or experience a was difficult to achieve fashion lifestyle. It’s not a complete date, it’s an indulgence.

In her book, Lawson advises women to meet potential sugar daddies at upscale furniture stores, restaurants, health clubs and financial centers. She wrote: “before entering the restaurant, go through a car check to see how many gorgeous cars and limousines are parked outside. In particular, women should look for ferrari, BMW and benzema.

Lawson is still receiving speech requests and fan mail, but many of her practical Suggestions are outdated. Now, when you Google sugar daddy, hundreds of websites pop up. A life coach provides instructions on how to be your best sugar baby. One of Taylor b. Jones’s PowerPoint presentations is called “Sugar Daddy Dating Blueprint”. There is even a called Sugar Daddy Finder website, which contains a free ebook, which contains the following advice: “high-heeled shoes make your legs look long, thin, and your ass looks very spectacular, can wear any clothes to the next level. ”

Two of the most popular website is sugar SeekingArrangement and Sugardaddie, both in the United States, but active in Canada, Toronto, founded by Established Men, their parent company management Ashley Madison, this is married people cheating sites. Each site offers the same core services: young women who help financially difficult people meet older men who want to take a shower with gifts, travel and cash. Seeking arrangements also require women to include the ideal monthly allowance in their archives; Men are required to include their annual income, net worth and monthly budget for their sugar babies. Relationships are called reciprocal arrangements.

The SeekingArrangement’s founder and chief executive, Brandon Wade, is a 42-year-old former MIT graduate who divorced. His wife, Tanya, is a 27-year-old Ukrainian. When he interviewed her at Seeking Arrangement, they met an administrative job. When I asked about the difference between a sugar doll and a prostitute, wade said that his mother, a housewife, was always getting the allowance from his father. Does this make marriage a form of marriage or prostitution? “In the sugar relationship,” he said, “this is about” what value does this person really add to my life? And “what value do I add to their lives? “The sugar way of life is ridiculed by the cold, because it is so long before it is given and taken,” he said. No matter how you think, life is catching up.

Toronto is a sugar-friendly city. Over the past two years, the number of male members has increased by more than 80 percent annually. The GTA has 79,000 members (a third of Canadian members). About 26,000 are men and 53,000 are women. Toronto is also Canada’s top candy daddy city Seeking arrangement, with every 1,000 men infiltrating two sugar daddies. In Toronto, sugar dad earned about $250,000 in self-reported annual income and an average net worth of $5.3 million. They include senior managers, entrepreneurs and people in the finance or sales and marketing departments. Nearly 40 percent of men are married in seeking arrangements, and in recent years their average age has fallen to 40, contrary to Hugh hefner’s stereotype. Toronto’s dad spends an average of $4,

By comparison, sugar babies earn less than $34,000 a year, working in retail stores or restaurants, or students. Many women on the site are looking for men to go through college, while others are looking for someone to pay off their student debt. Women in their 30s and 40s want to let themselves go after a divorce, the ex-husband is disappointed, or just tired of the Dutch. There is a large number of women in the new breast (this is a universal desire, and it has inspired a site called, which links “donors” to women seeking to enhance it). Like others I spoke to in the sugar industry, Lawson attributed the popularity of lifestyle to economic austerity and moral easing. Living in the luxurious lifestyle they want, women are difficult and easy.

Lawson agrees that the Internet porn boom is responsible for the sugar lifestyle. Ordinary women see porn stars like Jenna Jameson and James Deen mainstream. They don’t run underground; They are bestsellers, TV shows, Hollywood resumes, websites and the media darling of huge Twitter followers.

In order to meet the sweet people of this story, I joined the mature man Lauren288. At first, I didn’t bother to upload photos of my personal data. I just described my figure as “average” and noticed my age, 28. I immediately received dozens of messages and men’s chat requests. After several visits, I was curious about the intricacies of my first encounter, so I added a photo.

While women can register for free, men need to pay for their own accounts, $79 a month for a fixed male and $60 for an arrangement. In seeking arrangement, men can pay $1,250 a year to confirm their income, which is the selling point of the baby’s burn. For $25, the site also provides background checks on men and women. Members who pass through their profiles show an icon indicating that they have not been convicted, particularly sexual assault or domestic violence.

Although these attempts are transparent, the site is like a carefully crafted virtual game in which money and sex have everything and nothing to do with it. Much of the work of sugar dating is about maintaining sweet veneers while skilfully discussing the exact benefits of the arrangement – a rather delicate task. “The more personal you are, the less money you have – I know it sounds stupid and a little counterintuitive, but it does make it better,” Lawson said.

The innocence of the appearance lightened the arrangement and ultimately the meaning of financial transactions. Sugar dad seems more lonely and sweet than lewd and creepy. The man I contacted was interested in romance. A 39-year-old man wrote: “I must say that you are absolutely amazing, yes, I know this sounds like a rehearsal of the line (may in some cases), but, I have no other way to describe you” he gave me his phone number, and promised to “interesting conversation, my adventure story, a powerful weapon, an open heart and mind. “On my website for a very short time, I have never been asked to be a direct gender, although one person in kitchener admitted:” I am looking for this elusive friend. Sex is easy to find for me, but passion is what I really desire. “


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