Naughty? Toys r us campaign

Toys r us, which continues to use its latest bankruptcy complex territory, is launching a new holiday AD showing that children will avoid Santa’s mischievous list.

New advertising plan next week to rest, theme is “naughty list is not an option,” about 20 different places shows that Santa Claus obsession, the children against each other, it’s their turn take out the garbage, try to pick up the monopoly money check, on the bike fan swe sweating, to make sure they get “good” rank.

A spokesman for the retailer in Wayne, n.j., said the ads were from skylink (Atlanta and New York) and planned to run on all major networks and cable networks. The campaign also includes # NiceFail, a social media effort to report Kringle’s delightful moments for parents, such as decorating trees with toilet paper or placing milk and cookies three weeks early.

And plans to run a retro ‘elf emergency’ game on its website where children collect gifts (and avoid coal).

The retailer also cooperate with starring radio city Christmas spectacular rockets toys R us to take over the radio city music hall of sixth avenue store, offer so-called “out-of-the-box experience store”. For parents attending the Christmas show, Babies R Us is planning a free pram check.

Although is very important to all retailers in the fourth quarter, but it filed for bankruptcy in September in the Toys “R” Us (Toys R Us, the news caused a shock in the industry, such as Mattel and Hasbro toy marketers respectively by Toys “R” Us (Toys R Us) about 11% and 9% for all of its products. The retailer has defaulted on $5 billion of its creditors and has been granted a court approval to raise funds for its borrowers. Recently, the company told CNBC that the retailers have resumed shipping and will hit the shelves during the holiday season.

Toys R Us sold about 40% of its sales in the fourth quarter.


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