No. 370: this dark story

People often don’t realize, one of the reasons in Kashmir – including the entries in the referendum, refer to the United Nations in Kashmir, stop the offensive, India when it is ready to drive away the Kashmir invaders, article 370 has played a as this is to prevent J&K to become part of an integral part of India alliance. Although people of sadr Patel (Sardar Patel) and congressional committee, and many members of the constitutional assembly has serious doubts, but not many people realize that the clause is how and why to develop and into the Indian constitution.

Article one hundred and thirty-seven is at the end of 1947 by sheikh abdullah (at the time appointed by horse o ‘hara plus and Nehru for J&K prime minister sheikh abdullah), he retained the portfolio of Kashmir, make interior minister sadr,..

To persuade the barney covered Nehru brought to the United Nations on the issue of the problem of the United Nations, is sheikh abdullah sheikh abdullah sheikh abdullah sheikh abdullah sheikh abdullah. His argument is that a third of the country’s Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations and the referendum. The most sinister aspect of the proposed section 370 is that it can change only if the J&K parliament agrees.

Nehru promised that article 370 was a temporary rule that would be eroded over time and turned out to be a bizarre monster. The first thing sheikh abdullah did was to abolish the hereditary monarchy and rename him to sadar-e.

Maharaja Hari Singh Maharaja sees an opportunity in Raj, England, to take Kashmir as the eastern Swiss. When his ancestor Maharaja Gulab Singh and Ranbir Singh by Sikh during the war and the great rebellion to remain calm and get considerable bonus when trying to repeat history, Hari Singh and India in a separate agreement with the stagnation of Pak, India Pakistan signed. A lonely man was killed by maharaja, who was forced to abandon his dear land exile.

Sardar resigned, gathering the two colleagues on Gandhi’s thigh. In the meantime, V shankar, IAS is Patel’s private secretary, and maintains a record of all events. It is clear from these records that Nehru and sheikh abdullah have completed the draft of article 370, without even informing patel. Since then, it has fallen to a draft of the adoption of Gopalaswamy Ayyangar’s constituent assembly. The proposal was shredded by the constituent assembly and the congress party’s executive committee.

It abolished article 370 on the agenda. Nehru would not oppose his policy of leaving J&K in a separate entity. He told the leaders that a new threat (China) was emerging and that it was inappropriate to raise the issue, forcing them to abandon their demands. After that, Nehru decided to withdraw his Kashmir plot against sheikh abdullah. The case has been in progress since May 21, 1958. However, the official order was issued by the Indian government on April 8, 1964.

Article 370 of the constitution should be phased out in accordance with the provisions of the interim provisions. It hasn’t happened in sixty years. In fact, when someone mentions it, the vested interests will accuse the kashmiris of their legitimate rights being trampled. The national conference agenda has been restored to its position before 1953. Why should the Indian federation have a special status? It not only people and to the separatists to Kashmir, Pakistan and the international community to convey a false signal, namely J&K is still an integral part of India, the sooner you cancel article 370 is better. The <..


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