15 gender tips! They want all men to know that women have revealed an amazing sex secret to them

Don’t stop means don’t stop

When I say “don’t stop,” that means you should continue what you’re doing. Do not use it as a sign of acceleration, deceleration, or adjustment of Angle. This means that what you’re doing is great, don’t stop doing it.

Give your chest the attention they deserve

Breasts: they don’t just look there, man. Touch them. Play with them. Kissing/licking them. The breast is a serious sexual area for some women.

Let me get the words

Vulgar language. It’s great to say that the worst kind of dog shit is.

Verbal is the key

Verbal is incredible, if you’re right. For one thing, they say that the light pinball can be amazing. They are a great way to go.

Plus, if a girl is tight and dry, you’re doing something wrong. Warm her, things get better, and both sides feel better.


The clitoris is not an elevator button,

I’m not as fragile as I look,

Guys should make noise, too

You’re not a jackhammer!

Stop like a rabbit.

Just slow down a second.

Something more important

Sex is like a different state of mind. For everyone.

We feel the same hormones as you, so don’t hold back.

Rhythm is everything

Don’t say the same dirty words over and over, it will lose its influence in the stimulus and become counterintuitive

Keep clean and communicate

If you “dump the beans”, pay attention to the sensitivity of the area, meaning that it has enough meaning to use normal hygiene. Wash your hands, clean your nails, or even clip them? There are a lot of nerves and everyone is different, so not everyone feels the same way. So I think one of the questions is, “like this? May be appreciated.

Do you need a map?

All of my people made the same mistake, they blamed my thigh crease. Just know what the vagina feels like. If I remove the crease in my thigh from the right position, don’t move your hand back to the crease in your thigh.


Not everything is rough

Sometimes softness, sensitivity and teasing may be the best way to open someone else! Unless they ask you to work harder or faster, don’t just do it vigorously. Ouch! Sometimes, it really jumps up and destroys that moment.

Don’t just push your garbage there

If she’s “too tight to get used to,” then you don’t warm her up, or don’t make her uncomfortable at all, thank you. Don’t throw up on her vulva for god’s sake, that’s strange. Get some lube. It’s not just for the elderly, it’s actually more enjoyable. And you’d better do something under her clitoris, or at least finish her, because we’re three quarters of the people who don’t come from only infiltration!

13. “I have a lot of disappointing sexual experiences, so what you do here.”

I can write a book about this… At least for myself.

1) chest, they are an important sexy area. Encourage all kinds of teasing. Bite, flick, suck, lick… And so on. However!!!!!!!!!! Please, I can’t emphasize this, respect them. Don’t use them as pressure balls. Not water balloons… One thing I want to stress is that they are not your toys. Excessive stimulation of the breast can cause feelings of loss. Guys, if you take her away from her, your girl will despise you. It will take a long time to get back.

Don’t be so predictable. LTR is very good. But you lose your excitement after a while. If your partner encourages you to make things clear, don’t get insulted. Even if this is your absence (rational example: the trio) humor her. You may be surprised at how much you like. Of course, she’s willing to do the same for you. I digress

This is more like an extension of # 2. Don’t be lazy. A few minutes of kissing and breast compression are not foreplay. Especially if you’re lying down to sleep. And, in most cases, it’s not enough to warm up a girl’s mouth. If she’s not wet… She’s not ready yet.

) passion. You don’t have to be outspoken or really sound, just show some enthusiasm for your actions. It’s great when your partner is enjoying you. It’s a big shift to see how much you like your partner. Win win. If you lie in bed, she will return your favor in more than one way.

Just saying dude… Please lady, she will be anxious to do the same. She likes to get off the bus as much as you do.

We don’t need orgasm to have fun

It doesn’t matter if I don’t orgasm. You didn’t let me down I might like it, just like you. I have a quarter of the time, but I’m usually fake, so I don’t hurt your ego.

Plus, 25% is a high number, and some of your girlfriends are faking it.

15. The last:

Learning together is part of the process. Communication is key. No matter how many tips you have, this will be a learning experience for both parties. I mastered all the techniques in the world, and at first it was strange and awkward until we developed our own rhythm


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