Family planning, reproduction and disease

Poor economic conditions often stand next to poor social conditions, often becoming indicators that men and women are less aware of reproductive health and other related issues. Such a simple chain within the country should be recognised, especially the minister for economic development. When a preacher or any public officer (especially a is famous for its excessive attitude and vocabulary, but at the same time his dishonest person) as the judge’s moral character, it is no wonder that the limitation of citizens be overturned.

In Interaktiv, one of the highest TV talk shows in kosovo, economic development minister Blerand Stavileci talked about the lack of “planned parenthood” and “financial education” as important social and economic issues. “I don’t think there should be seven children in the 21st century,” he said.

In order to solve the problem of “family planning”, the minister stressed the importance of the concept, not only will encourage at least should invest the necessary policy debate, he also awarded themselves to “don’t sex, drugs, don’t drink alcohol” way of the role of the moral judge is put forward.

Despite the fact that they are often superficial, you want your family or friends to provide such “advice” as a practical tip. However, you should not hear the minister’s voice on a formal desktop discussion or TV show. This public position is a privilege, and it is the responsibility to find a reasonable and humane solution to the existing problems rather than to issue a superficial hint. The judgment comes from “above”, which is to decide whether a man or woman is a “original act” and is the same as a husband and wife, and contraception is considered a female responsibility.

Historically, it is recommended that the girls don’t relation with boy too early, don’t be a “bad girl” or fraudulent act, because they can get pregnant (especially), and will be the consequences of their living from the “disgrace”. On the other hand, boys are almost pushed to as many sexual ACTS as possible to validate their manhood, but be careful with pregnancy to avoid early adult responsibilities.

These double standards are also common among adults, which is why it is a woman’s responsibility to prevent pregnancy. This has been duly noted in the absence of or the underdeveloped society, where those who give birth to girls are punished, or in some extreme cases, they and their children are abandoned. So while the man is an obvious participant, he is largely responsible for unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand, women are criticized and criticized for lack of care and responsibility. Ironically, the decision to protect was assigned to women, which often ended with her domestication.

The same is true of kosovo’s Labour market. According to official figures, 79 percent of women are out of work, 8 percent are unemployed, and only 13 percent are employed. Less active men accounted for 40 percent, unemployment 16 percent and employment 44 percent. Especially in the private sector, women lose their jobs because of pregnancy. During maternity leave, they receive poor compensation, which is often unfairly referred to as a woman’s “vacation” and employer’s “waste”. It is this patriarchal approach that has almost become a social norm, at least in the sense of capitalism, and may push the minister to express his views in his own way. He proved that he was a patriarchy, and the ties and positions he owned were more of a snob,

Family planning is a political issue, a basic human rights issue, a public health issue that should be resolved by law and public policy. Moreover, it is important to say that family planning is sexual education. Some facts explain how the concept was created. For example, in 1916, in the United States, activist and sex educator Margaret Sanger opened her first family planning clinic. Her motive is not only include the fact that her mother has 18 times pregnancy, and as a maternity nurse, she witnessed many women suffer from reproductive difficulties, completely unable to control their own body and fertility of women, and even death in women of autism, abortion. Sanger at the time offered her a new perspective on American society and was called insanity. Her response?

“Against the state, against the church, against the silence of the medical community, against the whole mechanism of the dead bodies of the past, today’s women are emerging.”

Family planning centres around the world, clinics and organizations work with states to provide uninterrupted services to men and women, especially to young people, to provide services to sex education. Guide them how to your body and life make informed decisions, how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, how to identify and protect your body from sexually transmitted diseases, how to get abortion rights, and through what way to solve other problems and provide the necessary policy and solutions are widely.

In kosovo, the group of women who have complete control over their bodies and lives is relatively small. In order for this group to develop, plans for women (and men) reproductive health rights should be interchangeable with the concept of family planning. Therefore, stark willetts minister should understand, family planning is not the problem of “financial education”, or an idiom in Albanian, by “results”. It is a question of the power to empower women, girls, men and boys in sexual, health, reproductive and sexual policies.

When the low standard of living makes it impossible for them to make a reasonable decision, the concept of family planning is reduced to the personal responsibility of citizens, both condescending and cynical. Properly, so unless she minister notice, otherwise the family planning is not just choose to become parents or desire of the problems, but a system should be the importance of policy issues, he can do is wise to choose him, at least not let citizens feel less than they have done.


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