There is only one fundamental difference between an independent and a lack of identity

I’m always losing my opinion. I can’t decide for myself. Even if I take something, I don’t know where to do it.

Autonomy and identity are often just a psychological theory, but if you think correctly in terms of human thinking, the identity is clear.

This time, I will untangle what is autonomy and what is subjective.

It’s a bit of a long time, but for anyone who hasn’t thought too much about it until now, because I think it’s really an exciting piece of content, I think that your final date.

The difference between autonomy and subjectivity

“Independence” means thinking, acting, and acting without deciding what you’re doing.

What is “autonomous” and simply “what should you do” is clear, you are not actively telling others.

That’s what it means to be clearly defined. But here, you don’t have to divide, think.

If you increase your independence, autonomy will follow nature. You might think that autonomy is a part of your subjectivity.

Why do you need to be independent

Decide your own business, think about it, act.

Who visited here, because I think, who saw what it was that they wanted to be, why you might not need to think about the independence that was necessary.

But, as I think, independence is a very important force in life beyond the universal imagination. Because if you’re zero, you shouldn’t live too much.

Let’s compare the lives of each 100 people and the lives of the 0. In this case, if you think that this is a very important thing, the nature of things will be revealed.

The subjectivity is zero and the beast is the same

First, I don’t know what to do. Since I can’t decide what I do, it is that we are pursuing our own instincts and emotions.

Even if I show what I should do, I won’t think of how to do it. Because you can’t say, “think for yourself, explore methods”, just stand and tell us.

And even if we know this method, we can’t take action. “Behavior” is much more difficult than most thought. Even though I know what I should do, I can’t act, somehow I will turn it to tomorrow…

Many people have experienced it. Behavior is difficult.

Communication is more serious. I will not be able to say my opinion, because it will be swept away. I don’t know what to say even if it’s boiling. I didn’t even want to learn such a method, and I didn’t even know that there was a way.

It will be easy to cause trouble because it will be as full of emotions as it is now.

If there is a person with zero subjectivity, there is no longer a person. It’s like the beast. It will be adapted to the chase and will be swept away by nature’s providence.

If humans are just zero independent people, I don’t think we have achieved that so far.

People who are 100 will continue to thrive

People who are 100 define what they should do, think and act.

In the process, we try to be decisive, judgmental, imaginative, dynamic and so on. It’s not easy to say it clearly.

But they think and act on their own to make things better. Many results will fail.

Failure is clear what to do next, and action will become more reliable.

In the process, every ability is cultivated. Then they will one day reach their goals and move on to the next stage.

A strong person will repeat the cycle and develop his or her own abilities. Only a person with an identity will continue to grow like this.

And people who are 100 won’t be intimidated by what other people say.

We review some ideas, think and vigorously promote the exchange of positive and constructive opinions.

The fundamental difference between the two

In this extreme consideration, this means that no one has a zero subjectivity.

In fact, people who seem to have no identity are unconsciously implementing “trust in others” to achieve their goals. In this case, the expression “lack of subjectivity” would be appropriate.

The person who lacks independence, also cannot say his opinion, does not take action to think about himself, continues to waste the holiday time to spread out, will be seen as if there is no independence in itself.

So what is the fundamental difference between the lack of an independent person and a subjectivity?

Whether there is a clear will. This is the wall separating the two.

What is the will power of a man of identity

The question then is “what is will”.

Generally speaking, the word “will” is vague, and I think few people can say it clearly.

“Will” is essentially the same as “reason”, but it is actually quite different.

The role of reason is to judge right and wrong. But there is no power to control emotions and instincts.

“Will” is an impetus for pure purpose. The good and evil judged by reason is exercised by the power of will.

For example, let’s take a volunteer for example. Let me give you two examples of whether the power of will is weak or strong.

“Will” is weak and only “rational” comes out

“We’ve been away from volunteers, but it’s a good thing to do, but it’s very angry, not to do it (or, it seems, good and doing).”

This is what happens if we are weak and rely on reason alone.

I judge whether it is good or bad, but because I am unwilling to take action, I cannot act in subjectivity.

When the power of “will” is strong, the active exercise of “reason”

“There are a lot of people who can help this volunteer because I want to help these people because I want them.”

It will be. It seems to do the same thing, the content is completely different. It goes without saying which one can show your identity and grow more.

For “will”, if you dig too much, then it will be long, so on another occasion.

Finally, action from will never goes in a negative direction. Because “will” has such a function in the first place.

See or “yoshi! “Will be fostered 彡 urban waste pollution from the side of the road” today, people said: ‘I am the future, I hope to find a job, become your baggage one! Kiritsu ‘if you still have someone, you may need to reconsider, but…

The motivation of negative behavior and behavior is always from the weakness of “will”.

People without autonomy are weak willed

People who lack autonomy say,

“Fear of failure”

“I am afraid of being hated”

“I’m afraid of making mistakes.”

“It can’t be helped.”

“Don’t do it.”

“So that’s what I am.”

‘very troublesome’

“I want to relax”

“Because I was told”

The lack of autonomy was weak and was carried away by the emotions and instincts of the time.

Because of the emotional and instinct to do the best, always be “satisfied”, to blame the unsatisfied people, blame the social result, the strange environment, have the tendency to leave behind the problem.

The situation is “not satisfactory”

But, in doing so, there is no cycle to cultivate initiative.

While repeating the same mistakes over and over, it becomes increasingly negative and pessimistic, and even the motivation to think about how to do it will depend on others.

For example, suppose you have thoughts, judgments and actions that have something to do, and someone tells you to do a job subjectively.

The accused always told me that he thinks he is SENKOU, and that it is more than an excuse to say, “I… Because I said to myself: “at that time, it won’t be said to be” in control.” .

In this paper,

At this time, I have been thinking about the “subjectivity” that I vaguely think of. Subjectivity refers to “the nature of acting according to your will”.

For example, even if you have high status, the person who owns it will repeat many failures. But there’s nothing to worry about. People laugh at the fact that it always lacks autonomy.

“Will” is “pride.”

Gently resolve the negative emotions and conflicts of the heart, where to find “your will” is inserted as the sun light through the clouds.

No one is really subjective.

That is why many successors prefer meditation.

First, try to do “no thinking” on that day. Just like a body, when you rest in your mind, it is necessary. Your “will” always sleeps in the chaos of anxiety and fear.


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