Bayern Munich’s “worst European award” (humor)

All major leagues have exhausted their last game. The champions are praised, the best shooters are sure, the cleanest singles win and most assists assist, but at the bayern centre you will find the only relevant European worst award.

“Ronaldo is the top scorer in la liga,” he said. , “Chelsea’s first win since 2010!” And “Juventus won again”. It’s boring now. “People are admiring top shooters, top assists, minimum defense and the longest unbeaten track record.

This is obviously boring, in the bayern central humor department, boredom is unacceptable.

You see, people are envious it all, but now the people really really eliminated this year, no one will shake your head before complete failure, or a player, team, club, or managers.

Today, we are going to be this group. Shamers. That’s what we’re good at.

Some of the rules

Yes, I know, why do we laugh at the rules?

Because we can. And it should. Do you really think humor columns don’t do housework for so long?

Well, first, only teams from Italy, Spain, Germany and the English league, players, clubs and managers are eligible for these awards. The reason may be that Lithuania may have had some teams worse than Stuttgart this season, but you don’t think Lithuania is a bastion of beautiful football.

In addition, we ruled out France, because ZlatanIbrahimovi had said that P $G was too good for this country. If P $G is too good for France, it really illustrates the value of the whole country.

In addition, we try to contact the winners of these awards so that they can get a diploma. No one accepts. I don’t think these clubs can deal with the prestige of being called the worst thing in Europe. I guess their losses. Therefore, all these awards are absent.

Here is a prototype diploma for reference:


The worst end result

Last day, or a boring thing, if you have already occupied a place on the surface of the table, should not expect better, or final, if you have a relegation battle, where Europe can even win the league.

Liverpool not only have Europa league group stage play, but also gerrard’s last earth-shattering game. Liverpool have one last chance to pay tribute to the captain and the most iconic players in the last game of Stevie, in Anfield (a 1:3 crystal palace fiasco).

So what did they do?

They conceded five goals in the second half and conceded in the second half, and only one.

Alas, this is the crappy way to send your biggest idol in decades.

Winner: Liverpool FC

The worst first result

The first race day is a new beginning. The team is eager to use clean SLATE in a good way, some of which have some hype.

Atletico Madrid entered the 2014-15 season as a new brand of European newborns in the 2014-15 season as the team that eventually broke the Spanish real Madrid/Barcelona doubles. Like Dortmund in the 2012-13 season. In an effort to keep up with the hype, another real Madrid man from real Madrid stole Anthony griezmann from Madrid.

So how did atletico enter the new season? As a Spanish champion and signed some top players?

They had nothing to do with the chronic middle player, barycano.

It’s not just a bad result, it’s a boring result.

Shame on you, diego Simeone.


The most boring reminder game

Every league has them. ElClasico, Derby, old and new. A lot of. People mark these games in their calendars, wait anxiously for them, order pizza, and make friends.

A lot of times, like the 2013 champions league final or this year’s Clasico, the competition is not up to expectations. Attacking football, opportunities, mistakes on both sides, spectacular saves, woodwork, even a couple of fights.

Other times, sadly, the game is so rigid that you’ll be better able to watch rerun mayweather and pacquiao. Chelsea go to Arsenal, the boring Argentinian Holland World Cup semi-finals and all the F1 RACES of the past few years.

Both roma and Juventus are champions of Italy. Both teams have a new momentum of development and team spirit, with both old and iconic experience and a new talent for excitement. This year, on my 20th birthday, the old lady visited Rome at a table.

Jesus Christ is boring to me.

A poor first half was just a goal from tevez… Kick a free kick, a keta equaliser… Torsidis was sent away. The pathetic 1-1 draw looks more like a soap opera than a proper sporting event.

Winners: JUVENTUS and ROMA.

The craziest fans

Football fans are the lifeblood of football. But blood can sometimes be polluted and worsened. Racism, empty venues, whistles and boos are the most common phenomena of modern football. Fans who are unhappy with the team are likely to hear their voices on the pitch or elsewhere.

The wise reference of football is that the fans are always right. Well, my ass, they are. Sometimes they are stupid.

Santiago bernabeu, this season looks like a mental ward.

Iker Casillas (Iker Casillas) is one of the biggest real Madrid legend, once three times won the champions league titles, five times the liga season, two champions league and World Cup, real Madrid and Spain white is said to be the loyal fans.

All this, because he’s not 25, obviously not the same as he was four years ago.

When you and Harvey toast at the last home game at Barcelona, you really understand that, considering that xavi is a substitute for many of the Barcelona games this season.

I hate real Madrid in many ways this season, but it’s the most outrageous.

Winner: real Madrid fans

Worst signing

Signing new players can sometimes be a gamble. A brilliant striker who scores a lot of goals with another team may not necessarily fit the new club’s tactical inclinations. An organizer may feel uncomfortable in a new country with a more decent style. A club may have spent a considerable amount of money on a player who later proved not to be worth that much.

It’s hard for us to decide this one. Our first choice was falcao. Boy, does that person like to stay away from the champions league? When Porto qualified, he went to compete. When atletico imitated, he left Monaco. Monaco successfully entered the competition last year, and falcao lent Manchester united. It was a pathetic hilarity. This guy has less than ten games in Europe and his compatriot James is leading real Madrid’s attack.

But then we remembered.

Thomas Vermaelen.

Barcelona have struggled this season. Sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta left the club in an investigation, and FIFA banned Barcelona from signing players on the winter window and the window of the upcoming summer. Jeremi Marshall was considered by some to be a minor signature. Luis suarez won’t play until October.

Thomas Vermaelen made his Barcelona debut a few days ago.

Zubizarreta has a record saying: “Vermaelen is a signature that provides immediate performance. The man was injured in the World Cup. It was not until the 38th game that Barcelona had won the league to recover.

Immediate performance.


Finally, our most prestigious awards:

The worst clubs

There are two ways: it’s real Madrid.

The most expensive team in football is blank in all three major competitions, which is one thing.

But to get rid of the long-anticipated 10th European championship coach? Really?

It is one thing to launch mourinho, who has only three titles in the club’s entire three seasons (a la liga title, a king cup and a Spanish super league). But ancelotti in half the time has won four championships (one is king’s cup, one European super cup, one is the FIFA club World Cup, one is the European champions league). In December, real Madrid won more titles than the last three seasons.

One of the worst is real Madrid’s administrative offices, was delayed in completely under florentino perez, still want to know why Barcelona in the past ten years, has been leading the club. Barcelona may have already signed a contract with his, involving suspected tax practice, they may have signed a contract with foreign minors policy messed up, but they know that the balance between the short-term results and long-term goals.

And they listened to their fans and their players. I say this because ancelotti won a cheer in the bernabeu last Saturday. More importantly, the player himself has said, “ancelotti is the manager of real Madrid.” Modric, ronaldo, marcelo, James rodriguez and even cristiano ronaldo have called for continuity. But FlorentinoPerez wants to wave his middle finger on everyone.

So all of the Madrid fans still want to know why the team can’t continue to beat Barcelona, and you answer with a name and a surname: florentino perez (FlorentinoPerez). What advertising?

Winner: real Madrid

Worst defense

Sadly, this award is for our centre-back Dante. Look, I like that guy. I think he’s charismatic, positive, optimistic and noble. He looked like a dreamlike man and was a fantastic centre in the 2012-13 season. But after that penalty, he defeated borussia Dortmund in the champions league final, and he was just back on a slow and dangerous player.

He won the award in the fourth of wolfsburg’s fourth goal in the 1:4 game.

Title: DANTE

The biggest mouth

It’s an interesting award. It rewards people who talk too much, and can’t be modest and low-key.

There’s no question about who deserves the award for this award in central bayern. Toni Kroos has excellent passing techniques, with his right foot assault rifle and the overall skill of playing football.

Look, Tony cross is the one that runs through bayern Munich. He grew up to be a great player for us at bayern (and in his “Neverkusen” loan spell). When he began to notice how good he was, he asked for a raise. Speculation is that the club believes he is demanding too much and that Kroos is locked in a contract deal with real Madrid.

Once in Madrid, cross has insisted that real Madrid play better than bayern, and he has done the right thing for my career and left a better club. Now, I like real Madrid. They are one of the world’s top clubs, but they have nothing to do with bayern. Especially over the past decade, of course, they’ve made trucks more money, but in terms of sports competitiveness, you really can’t ask for such a difference.

Of course, cross’s words had troubled him. At the end of the season two teams were compared, and Kroos drew a short pole. A team in a minor crisis, as of today, there are no managers, crazy management, and no three titles to explain. Bayern didn’t do much better, but we caught the bundesliga, the atmosphere of the club is a tough season, with injuries and things being renovated. The club has confidence that technicians can do the job well, and injured players will return to strength.

At the same time, real Madrid do not have a strong manager, they have a strong season and are likely to have to compete with their biggest rivals to win a second high.

Sure, Tony, you’re better, you traitor!


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