Mainga Mwaanga must be arrested

The right to protect girls – Miami must be banned

When our crimes take place, our police are unmoved and spread to everyone, which is very disappointing. The Mainga question, of course, should be investigated by the police. It’s not just a social issue discussed on social media, it’s also a joke. The girls were abused and the perpetrators were still at ease, laughing at other victims and reading the article.

This guy is likely to have been abusing the girls, and has been swept away by shame and guilt. Worse, society is accusing the girls of being named, rather than compassionate.

We must remember that getting young girls to participate like obese Bangladesh is an indictment of all of us. Somehow we failed and they lost their way. Some are poor, others are poor parents, some are peer pressure.

But no matter how delinquent these girls are, no one has the right to abuse the girls. Girls shouldn’t be treated like you’re wearing, and start taking photos because your self-esteem is on your head. Clothing has no emotional or social status or privacy protection. These girls have the right to be protected.

These girls are no better than sex slaves that we don’t think we have. Mainga believes that since I gave them money, I can do anything for them at will. No matter how much money these girls have, they won’t be anyone’s property. They are still people with rights and respect.

Most of the photos are clearly brought to life by this sick Mainga. In some video, you see clearly that he sexually abused the girls. In a video, he even squeezed the victim’s neck when he tried to shout out that he was in and out of a poor girl.

If people forget, about four years ago, it was Mainga, the same UNZA student’s boyfriend. The girl had lived in Christo Garden (near UNZA) while she was at school in UNZA. She was found dead in the same place. She had left to swim poor people. Mainga is said to have been with her the night she died.

The case seems to have disappeared in the air, just like Ruth mbandur’s case. If a man squeezes a girl’s neck and forces himself, then people think, he’s just hanging around. Of course, if our cops are on top of their game, this guy shouldn’t abuse girls in this way.

The police should act on this man. He must be a danger to our society. He has a problem that needs correcting. Of course, it’s not surprising to see his father proudly admit to abusing women locally and internationally.

The girl who was abused by this man should not be silenced and let them report the man. As an organization, we are happy to help any girl who is abused by this man. These girls’ parents and friends should support and help these victims rather than taunt them. If the girls come out, they will not only help themselves, but also help other girls and their own Mainga.

Mercy to the Lord.


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