Shower every day? Rinse after brushing? These “healthy” habits can be very bad for you

Does your daily life damage your health? As we all know, if we want to keep healthy, smoking, drinking and is avoid overeating, but a growing body of research shows that other seemingly benign habits can also be bad for us.

Here, MATTHEW BARBOUR asks the experts to reveal the seven daily SINS and what we can do to them…

Every day: every day

A modern focus on personal hygiene can be damaging to our skin, according to Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist at the Cranley Clinic in London.

“Most people wash too much,” he says. “Using scalding hot water and irritating soap may peel off the skin of the oil, causing drying, cracking, and even infection.

“For most of us, there is no need to wash thoroughly every day.

If the possibility of skipping the daily shower scares you, at least make sure you rinse it with cold water, he says.

If you have a tendency to dry skin, use a soapless body wash or water cream – a cream that contains paraffin oil, water and preservatives, which can be used instead of soap.

Every day: eight hours of sleep

Professor Jim Horne, of loughborough university’s sleep research center, says the idea of eight hours of sleep a night is a “modern meeting” that can make you feel more tired.

“We have developed a very flexible sleep pattern and scattered sleep – including daytime sleep – that can bring real benefits,” he said.

“A short four-to-15-minute nap can be as effective as an hour in the evening.

Hundreds of years ago, he explained, it was common to divide daily sleep.

“People about two hours in the evening to see what they say” happy sleep “, then dinner, lively interaction with family and friends, and then is the midnight go to bed, and then is three to four hours of uninterrupted sleep, and rekindle the flame before the prayer, and then sleep for a few hours, until the morning, a total of seven hours of sleep daily.

He added: “this modern concept, waking up late at night, is a bad thing that can actually ruin our sleep quality.

“We get up at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, for example, lay there, don’t try so hard, don’t go to bed, and we should simply stood up, with some distractions but relax occupy our minds – like doing puzzles or reading a book – until our bodies tell us we are ready to fall asleep again.

“If the caveman slept all night, they would be eaten alive.”

Daily: rinse after brushing your teeth

Dr Phil Stemmer, a dentist from London’s Fresh Breath centre in London, says he wants to wash and rinse after cleaning.

Flushing washes away the protective coating left by the toothpaste, otherwise it will add a few hours of protection.

“I try to avoid drinking any liquids for at least half an hour after brushing my teeth – it’s a strange feeling at first, but you get used to it.

“Before I brush my teeth, I won’t even wet my toothbrush under the tap because it might dilute the effect of toothpaste. Water that is abundant in your mouth will not add excess water.

No matter what you eat, he says, you can’t just clean your teeth.

“Wait at least half an hour, because the acid and sugar in the food will temporarily weaken the protective enamel on your teeth. If you clean your teeth too early, you actually brush your teeth before the enamel is hardened again.

The best thing to do is brush your teeth before meals and then clean them with alcohol-free mouthwash


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