The version of the article in Africa: racism, blackmail, fraud and mercenaries, rackets attacking brothels.

Racism, blackmail, fraud and mercenaries, rackets attack brothels.

More than half a century, generations of africans endured Mr Bei hill bin the tomer hemed and newsgroups tyranny and oppression, because children work hard, trying to consolidate the colonization of the mind, corruption and pu. What did this newsgroup do for africans? One might ask the extent of the family’s self-enrichment to its fellow africans. Mr Franois’s punchline, once described by malian politicians as a “shit bag”, has been supporting France’s neo-colonial policy. Ben and herd and Jacques fokker carter always maintained close ties, falk, noticed in his memoir, he once a month with Africa’s youth team boss for dinner, it is no doubt about it. It was a conspiracy between two people, and after his death, Foccart appointed Ben ahmede as the sole executor of his estate. What can africans expect from the Foccart executor? He could give them anything but to tie them to the old colonial structure as long as possible.

According to Antoine Glaser (Antoine Glaser) said, “Ben tomer hemed become guardian, is actually the business agent of memoirs, they like the attempted coup in 1977 in benin’s mercenaries initiative, has also extended the new French colonial influence colony, give France formally in retain their interests at the same time. The Africa youth newsgroup is an important part of the Foccart network.

Did Ben Yahmed prove that he was independent?

Or, he just managed to convince people that he is a puppet in France, by the command and exploitation, from the terrorist activities of the media to execution, the people behind the Foccart and his background of all kinds of action. This is the source of the Jeune Afrique power, the core of the power base; It is the most obvious force that can cause harm, and it is determined to discredit and humiliate the leaders and heads of state of African African countries. For Ben ya tomer hemed, has never been accused of dictator or kill Arab leader, although some people made a terrible regime, the regime as “dictatorship”, of course, he constantly condemned and vilified by dirty racist language.

“Hand over your cash! Is the group motto. If African leaders want to survive, they have to pay the price, and the refusal to give it is… . So to be compassionate, to pay for a peaceful life, to pay the price, to let them suck you, not to let them spit on you. In the corridors of many presidential offices in Africa, you can hear what people say.

So, in addition to the well-organised extortion campaign, there is further fraud every week, since it is sold twice a week. First is advertisers – the head of state or politicians – then we these modest readers, they waste our time to buy it, our 60 years of family pocket money together, in addition to how to clear our leaders pocket without doubt.

The concrete examples are the most telling, allowing us to dive into the paper’s sewers and shine a light on their suspicious methods. From Cameroon to Gabon, from cote d ‘ivoire to Senegal, everyone is on the same boat; The Jeune Afrique business team is just willing to give them cash, which means they are treated differently.

In this way, the inflammatory report intends to keep the pressure, not the notice, and then the real information business story, just like “investigative” journalism is really just advertising sales. Today, Africa, Africa is facing a very powerful African private press, the press became very have the courage and vitality, this is why the family when they are trying to chase the threat of forced them into blackmail and threats. As an out-and-out propaganda machine, the weekly cannot accept competition or refuse to comply with business practices. Such as:


A contract of 650 million FCFA each year gives Paul biya’s regime a favorable treatment. Government pay for four years not to complain, then tired, especially for African Jeune article never clear evidence of a positive impact, the benefits of pr is just a nobody believes fraud. And, despite repeated attempts at yaounde to be deaf. And at the same time, in Paris, the family is a knife, and released a report about Africa 50 key figures, of course, Paul biya, missing and serious criticism from various angles.


Gabon has been a cash cow, paying for some of the largest payments to the Jeune Afrique group. According to former staff, bongo has maintained a weekly financial stability. Listed 40 years of fruitful cooperation would be tedious, so let’s briefly mention some of the recent scandal, as in “the earth” (Lettre du Continent) revealed on some of the scandal. The Jeune Afrique group, through its advertising division, Difcom, operated by DanieleBen Ahmed, issued a purchase order for the “Ecofinance” guide to Gabon’s office. But since then Gabon has not responded, according to the same journal. Editor Ben the son of tomer hemed varney ma bin the hurd (Marwane Ben Yahmed) so as a sales representative, remind of Gabon communications minister raul Olga gondar especially (Laure Olga Gondjout) Jeune Afrique with former President Omar Bongo Ondimba “long-term relationship” between; A weak threat.


The senegalese press regularly intercepts huge sums of money to keep non-nicox off. Despite efforts by many in Senegal, the senegalese newspaper has not been well reported. Tensions between the diouf regime and Ben ahmede have been strained by reports of the crisis in Senegal and Mauritania in 1989. Early reports of young africans constituted media assassinations. Senegal’s leaders got the message. Ben yahmede chose to support his Arab brothers. Diouf regime in panic, sent a delegation to negotiate at the expense of the millions of people, rather than respect for the truth or a professional code of ethics, but the state has made some sort of balance in the event. Senegalese are well aware of the racism of the weekly’s owner,


The situation in Chad can be summarized as President habre’s fight against gaddafi and his position. An 83-year-old man, Ben Yahmed, personally and hateful, destroyed HisseinHabre and even asked his colleagues to question his attitude.

The first is a contract with colonel qaddafi to accompany and camouflage Libya’s expansion into Chad and its surrounding areas. Still, millions of people in Ben Yahmed’s family have not fully explained the madness that has been going on for three decades. On July 14, 1988, President HH was a guest at the bastille day celebration in bastille, France. During his stay in Paris, Ben Yahmed invited him to visit Jeune Afrique headquarters. The President turned down the invitation to the great consternation of “king begilles,” who, according to former colleagues, thought he was equal to all these “good people”. A former senior politician in Senegal, a former minister who made a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes look clear, understood his hatred of HH.

Ben yahermede is deeply affected by the troubles between Chad and Libya. She explained: “when vadim fell down, she and Mr. Ben jarmeade and his wife ate at their home. The news of the humiliating defeat of the Libyan army, which was buzzing on French television, was a hit. Thousands of Libyan soldiers captured by chadian national army, all the chief of staff, were captured, moments later, the screen filled with pictures of Libyan soldiers wearing handcuffs, some sitting, some sitting on his knee.

After a long silence, Ben yahurd was pale, pale and tearful. In order to contain his emotions, even his anger, he felt humiliated by his existence. In a soft voice he forgot that he was not alone, and he stammered: “the Negro never knelt the arabs on the ground. How dare they? I will give my life and make them deplore… “So President hussein habre has been brave enough for more than thirty years to stand up and mobilize his people and his army to stop an unspeakable barbarism.

The Libyan forces spread terror, invaded countries and committed horrific crimes, but some of Chad’s political figures have also confessed. Despite the terrible reality in Chad, but Ben ya tomer hemed delirious racist ideas only recorded the last, a series of images to his hatred and desire for revenge he passed to his son, ready to continue to consume the African people’s money.

In addition to the self-consciousness of racism, can also be noticed that he was for his own Francafrique did a lot of talk, it also explains his steadfast dedication in HH events, which made his request money from now on the rich representative Derby will spread them generously to envoys from African youth. Given his disastrous image at home and abroad, this seems to be a waste of money. Poor thing! With Chad’s disastrous economic performance, at the bottom of class in some regions, and the next thirty years, the Jeune Afrique vultures will have a lot of handwriting.


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