Adults who play with toys on YouTube are thriving businesses.

Earlier this year, my 5-year-old cousin sat down next to her mother’s iPhone and watched her favorite video on YouTube. The first thing she did was not her favorite TV show or a long video clip, but. This is a box of video, a display of adult hands playing with a miniature Japanese cooking toy, showing how they can be completely silent. Kelsey doesn’t know what ramen is. (she says, “look, pasta!” ), but she longed to see strange adults playing with toys she didn’t visit online.

, according to Google’s team in the past few years, devanning video, especially the use of new technology is more and more widely, from 2013 to 2013, devanning video views grew by 57%, in 2014 alone the cumulative received 1 billion views. According to TubularInsights’ video marketing consultant, video, the word “unbox” in the title, has an average of 10,000 views. YouTube channels dedicated to unpacking toys are especially popular.

Take Ryan’s toy review. Launched in 2015, the four-year-old-line box and video channel has more than 5.4 million followers. By the end of November 2016, the YouTube charts had become famous, gaining more views than the other channels of the 15th week (182.6 million people in a week). Ryan is more popular than Justin Bieber.

But Ryan, who is roughly the same age as his target audience, is not the typical group of video stars. On the contrary, many people on YouTube have toys, including barbie dolls, puppy toys, spongebob squarepants, and so on, all adults.

These channels are not obscure trends hidden in the casual corners of the Internet. One, Fun Toys Collector, has more than 8.5 million users and 12.1 billion views. These video are almost always features the voice of the adults, usually women, high-pitched, crazy enthusiasm, and some of the small voice whispered, toy figures, their hands occasionally play from behind the camera control dolls and other toys. Usually at least some toys are unpacked before the camera is played.

Among my Cousins and other first-line brands, one of my favorite channels is CookieSwirlC, with nearly 3.7 million subscribers. Since its inception in late 2013, more than 4.2 billion views have been collected. According to her website, “CookieSwirlC is a collector of many toys, including Shopkins, Barbie and Build- a-bear. She started her channel to share her passion for toys and to create stories through games.” She didn’t take the money from the toy company in exchange for reports and said on her website that she was just a toy she had collected. It’s not her only channel. The creator, who didn’t respond to repeated requests for interviews, started her toy review career path focusing on model horses, from breyer’s Numbers to my pony toys. She appeared on the CookieSwirlC website as an alias Cookie, but she called herself “dear” on the HoneyHeartsC blog, where she was focused on the horse.

Like many toys account, HoneyHeartsC – compared with general toy channel, much less the number of players, there are about 205700 subscribers, dolls and doll and toy horses together split open a case and review the toy. In a typical video, two barbies talk about how one of them dances with her horse and suggests a detailed description and unpacking of the barbie dancing toy. It sounds really warm, just like the kids who opened the presents on Christmas morning. The camera focuses on the details of the box. Sometimes pictures of how toys are played are also described as part of the game’s time story. Of the anatomy of the narrator barbie doll’s hair color, horse’s tail can brush, accessories and so on, using the toy with direction (how to put the barbie doll on the horse, how to make the horse toy walk) and imaginative game plot, such as a barbie doll eager to catch up with another rider. You can sometimes see the creators’ hands – pink shiny nail polish, and in most cases, the camera tilts to make the toy look like their own.


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