Hot tub maintenance skill.

Clean your hot springs.

According to these simple cleaning tips, soak in the sparkling clean water of the hot spring.

For the whole spa: use a mild non-abrasive cleanser and a soft cloth or nylon scrubber to remove dirt.

Small surface cleaning: use regular baking soda to clean small surface areas.

Shiny appearance: wash the FreshWater Spa Shine on a clean, dry Spa shell.

For hydrotherapy pillows: follow the instructions in your user manual to clean and clean the spa pillows.

For vinyl cover: first remove the lid and gently spray the garden hose to loosen dirt or debris that may be accumulated. Then, use a mild soapy solution (1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid 2 gallons of water) or baking soda, scrubbing vinyl circular motions with a large sponge, and rinsing with garden hose. Do not wash the bottom of the lid with soap and wipe it with a dry rag. To clean the cover after cleaning, apply a layer of hot spring shielding film ™ products.

Useful tips: in order to keep detergent and soap in the hot spring water, do not shower with soap and water before soaking in your spa, and do not wash your swimwear with a wash cycle.

Clean your hot spring filter.

Since mineral particles or hard water calcification can clog up any water filtration system, we recommend that you follow these cleaning tips every month to keep your spa water flowing normally.

Spray tube: spray each tube with a garden hose, rotate, and spray thoroughly to remove any debris between the filter crimp.

Use filter cleaner: use the FreshWater ® instant filter cleaner or FreshWater ® filter cleaner keep your filter clean and in good operating condition

Change the filter: cleaning the filter helps keep the water flowing smoothly, and you should replace the real Watkins replacement filter every three years.

Replace the spring water

As the spring water cleanser will keep your water fresh longer, soap and detergent can be set up for a period of time in your spa. Know how to replace your water with these steps?

Drain and add to the tub: drain and refill your spa water in accordance with the instructions in your user manual to remove the detergent and soap residue that may be accumulated over time.

Get the pre-filter: to use clean water from the start, use CleanScreenTM; When pre-filtering, fill in your spa.

Additional prefilters: use CleanScreenTM: when prefilters, connect them to common garden hose to remove organic contaminants, copper and iron, and tannins in new water.

How do you spend your hot spring?

Your spa is designed for use throughout the year in any climate. Through these steps, ensure that you can get the highest energy efficiency at any time of the year.

Buy winter blankets: even in cold climates, you can buy winter blankets from your local hot spring spa to keep your spa warm throughout the year.

Installing the winter blanket: vinyl covering fiberglass insulation winter blanket installed in equipment room door, some of the spa parts for you add additional anti-freezing measures, at the same time maximize energy efficiency.

Look for wear: look for signs of wear to see if your protection is at the best performance level.

Check the seal: ensure that the seal is still tight and intact to avoid heat escaping.

See if you need to change: if you see signs of drooping, fading or cracking, change the lid for your spa.

Remove snow and ice: periodically wipe the snow from your hot spring cover and pour warm water on the ice instead of prying it open.

Stay on leave: if you plan to leave during the winter months, keep your hot springs and these tips:

Adjust the pH value: adjust the pH value according to the user manual before you go.

Disinfection: according to the instructions, use super chlorinated water or new hot spring MPS without chlorine oxidizer.

Lock cover: locks the lid to prevent entry.

Lock light and jet: lock the light and jet function on the control panel (model 1998).

When you return: return, balance the pH and disinfect the water before use.

If you are planning to leave your home for a week or more, contact your local distributor to get more tips on the winter spa or consult the user manual for more information.

Maintain a safe disinfection dose to keep algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities in your hot spring water. If you have too much disinfectant in your spring water, your lungs, skin and eyes may be stimulated.

Hot springs only recommend the following disinfectants:

The EverFresh spa system and the hot spring MPS have no chlorine oxidants.

Dichloro sodium

Granular br

FreshWater ® double guanidine kind of Spa or Baqua Spa ™ 1998 use only

Do not use trichlorochlorine, any type of compressed bromine or chlorine, acid or any of the above recommended disinfectants.


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