Editor: Greg shineano is guilty of paying for Pennsylvania.

Greg Schiano won’t be the chief instructor in Tennessee. In fact, he may never get top brain coaching again.

On Sunday afternoon, when the defensive coordinator, Ohio state university, a former university of bench jarno (Schiano) will replace the dismissed Butch Jones (Butch Jones), Tennessee fan base a sound team immediately voiced strong opposition. Sunday night was so strong that the deal was over. The opposition is based on Schiano’s relationship with the state sex abuse scandal in Pennsylvania. Schiano from 1990 to 1995 at Pennsylvania state university coach pat (Joe Paterno) : work as defenders coach, he directly in children convicted prisoners and rapists Jerry SangDu ‘(Sandusky) work.

Back in October 2011, sandusky, a former defense coordinator for the lions club at Pennsylvania state university, was convicted of 45 crimes against minors. The university’s President, graham sibeni, sports director Tim corley, vice President Gary schultz and Mr. Patino all lost their jobs because of the scandal. Mr. Paterno died of lung cancer two months later. Curry and schultz pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of child endangers to avoid conspiracy. The spaniards were found not guilty of conspiracy, but guilty of child endangerment. Former fbi director Louis Freeh has published a very good report on an independent study at Pennsylvania state university. “The most distressing findings of the special investigation lawyers,” he concluded, “are that the top leaders in Pennsylvania have been indifferent to the safety and welfare of sandusky’s child victims.”

Schiano denied any understanding to the Penn State scandal, but before the Nittany Lions assistant coach, according to a statement, according to another coach Schiano once said that he had seen “Jerry in the shower for a boy to do something”. Maybe he doesn’t know anything about it. Maybe he doesn’t know what sandusky manipulation of terrible child exploitation system, also do not understand the practice of sandusky, and his victims operated by a non-profit organization to help the poor young man. Perhaps the statement is the opposite. It’s possible.

Whether Schiano knows or does not know, he is now enduring at least the big consequences associated with the Penn State plan. Despite his impressive performance as head coach at rutgers, he will not be one of the most coveted positions in the university campaign: top football at southeast university.

In contrast, Penn state’s football program has masked the criminal behavior of sandusky for more than 30 years, with little consequence of decades of abuse. The NCAA has not canceled Penn state’s football program, or even suspended it for a year or more. By contrast, in June 2012, the NCAA banned teams from four seasons in the playoffs – only two years later. Most of the school’s football scholarships were dropped in 2012 and returned by 2015. The victory of PSU from 1998 to 2012 was revoked, and Mr. Paterno, who won 111 victories. But the victory was restored in 2015, and is considered by the NCAA college football is the highest level of the best coach.

The university is being asked to pay a $60 million fine, but it is not a serious punishment for a popular institution with rich and built-in income sources, also known as tuition fees. Mr. Paterno’s campus statue was finally demolished in July 2012, but only after continuing public complaints. Such punishment makes no sense to a plan that has been silent about the child scheme scheme for decades. The school community showed a little remorse. Mr. Paterno’s son, jay, a former assistant coach in Pennsylvania, was elected to the board of directors this year, and he thinks the most important thing is his father’s 409 win.

This year’s Nittany lions season is very good, 10-2. The team is having a big bowl match. Greg Schiano was not punished. But the NCAA is not willing to impose any serious consequences on a money-making power such as Pennsylvania state university. Huge crowds, massive programmes and lucrative television contracts easily outdo justice and ruin lives.


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