Let valentine’s day experience again and bring back the pagan Roman ritual. With a little new innovation.

Texting is probably the best way to send valentine’s day messages. Traffic is easily outpaced by Christmas, and the industry expects usage to grow by 20-25% this year. This makes sense, because the information on these valentine’s day messages is essentially personal and can be less responsive than sending a card. It would be better if there was a link to accept tiffany’s gift.

Don’t know whether people remember the origin of valentine’s day, once known as “love story”, also is one of the pagan Roman holiday, the pagan Roman popular religious belief in the 17th century ago. For them, it is a form of “spiritual love”.

One of the myths is the Roman belief that romulo, the founder of Rome, was one day consumed by a female Wolf, which gave him strength and wisdom. They celebrated it with a big festival, one of which was the victim of a dog and a goat. Two young men with strong muscles applied their blood and goats to their bodies and washed them with milk.

Then there will be a great parade, the two young men roaming the streets. Two young men will have some leather, they will hit all who cross their path, is to fight the woman. Women welcome these blows because they believe they can prevent or treat infertility. I think it’s interesting. We should try to bring it back. The valentine’s day parade in New York is a good idea. We can substitute chocolate for dog blood and give viagra to people who cross their path.

The Catholic church never liked the idea, and later replaced the names of the flesh-and-blood girls with the names of the dead saints in order to subvert the practices of the infidels.

Then there is the “love lottery”, on February 14th, in pagan Rome, reserved for love lotteries. The young girl’s name was written in a piece of paper, thrown into a jar and picked by the boy. They became partners during the Lupercalia festival, which often led to marriage. I think it’s a good idea for a valentine’s day iPhone app. At the very least, you can do lucky draw, find a virtual person and become your virtual lover for 24 hours. Sounds interesting.

Valentine’s day is not necessarily about candlelight dinners, dark, overrated and overpriced restaurants and split “blue” boxes. Today is a day to celebrate all forms of love, love, lust, even modern consumerism!

I have never believed that love is blind, and here is my favorite quote of all time. “if love is blind, why is underwear so popular?” – anonymous. That’s why we like Victoria Secret.

Happy valentine’s day!


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