Ten Suggestions for a first visit to Iceland.

Iceland is a fascinating country that extends far beyond the countries it once visited. I talk to many people, many of them is also a photographer, let they want to go to the place in Iceland, I often be asked to provide some Suggestions, let what should look for when they plan to travel. So there is no special order, and you should consider ten things when planning your visit.

1. Hire a car

Reykjavik’s company operates hundreds of local tourism projects, from the aurora borealis to Greenland trip, but tourism projects or so, you still insist on a fixed schedule and with your peers. To experience Iceland properly, you need to experience isolation. Owning a car will allow you to leave in the morning and evening, stop at will, and then return when you need to.

Be very careful while driving in Iceland. Although the road to the most popular places is asphalt, not all roads are surface. Some of them might be unpredictable and dangerous, in addition to the strongest 4 x4 vehicles, many vehicles are impassable, therefore, make sure you rent car is suitable for your use of the road, and always adhere to the local speed limits. Speeding fines are painful, and the consequences of careless driving can be deadly.

2. Leave the capital

By in reykjavik, while it is possible to find a hotel or hotels, and through the farmhouse or peasant hotel accommodation reservation, in different places every day to drive out of the many services provided by the Iceland, you can further explore, also can experience first-hand local hospitality. Hey Iceland (formerly Iceland farm holiday) offers car rental and accommodation packages that you can choose from or customize.

3. Learning language

Indeed, most icelanders speak perfect English and have the opportunity to do so. However, learning some basic Icelandic phrases such as “Go andaginn” (hello) and “Takk fyrir” (thank you) is a good way to be polite to local culture. Most instruction manuals will contain phrases that can be used, but if you want to learn more about their language and its features, there is a free online course on icandiconline.

Explore the capital

Iceland is famous for its wild landscapes and vast open Spaces, and is famous for its nightlife. Reykjavik is a vibrant, compact city with many varieties. During the day, you can visit one of many museums, from the national gallery (ListasafnIslands) and the art museum (ListasafnReykjavikur) to a more special museum. The top of Hallgrimskirkja is spectacular, and Perlan (the pearl) is a public space with a glass dome, at the top of six hot water tanks south of the city center. The newly completed hapa concert hall is a marvel of modern architecture, well worth a visit, at night and during the day (you’ll see why!). . Even if you don’t attend a concert, you can relax in a cafe or browse a record store and use a free wi-fi connection.

At the weekend, the flea market, Kolaporti, opened, and you can browse hundreds of stalls selling food, crafts, music and knitwear.

Late-night bars become very busy, and although beer isn’t cheap, you don’t have to have a good time to enjoy it. There are no nightclubs, but there are plenty of bars with live music – check out the listings of reykjavik’s vineyards to see what is available. Stay up until 4 a.m., if necessary!

Go to the sky

From above Iceland is like the rest of the world I know. I was lucky enough to be able to hire a local pilot on my last visit, and to see a spectacular view on a beautiful winter day. There are a variety of companies who offer aerial photography or sightseeing – it’s definitely worth a try. In reykjavik, you have Eagle Air and Atlantsflug, and in the north of Myvatn there is Myflug.

6. Eat budget

Like everything else, Icelandic food is expensive. Dining out is a luxury that most visitors can’t afford on a daily basis, though there are cheap places to go. Your favorite list should be B, jarinsBestu Pylsur (” the best hot dog in town “), a small hot dog stand that serves Iceland’s best hot dogs, and possibly the world’s hot dogs. If you want a food that can share food with the President, ask ‘einame ‘or ‘one’s everything’ (or two, if you’re particularly hungry) – Bill Clinton is a famous past customer.

The Hamborgarabullan on Geirsgata is a hamburger restaurant that offers reasonable burgers and fries. You won’t find a McDonald’s or burger king anywhere in Iceland, but you won’t want to try habogalaban’s food.

Hlollabatar is a subway sandwich shop in Ingolfstorg that meets your needs and doesn’t empty your wallet. But in food for the trip, your best bet is to visit a supermarket (Bonus or Kronan), to buy some bread, cheese, coleslaw or other sandwich fillings, then make your own picnic. Be sure to buy some Skyr cheese, a dairy product between yogurt and cream cheese, with several flavors.

If you are on the road, most of the service stations in the big towns you visit will have similar food sales, so you can have sufficient conditions.

Make the most of each year.

Iceland can be enjoyed at any time of the year, because each season has its own charm. In the summer, the weather is milder than you expect, because the Atlantic Gulf Stream sends warm air from the Caribbean, which means you can expect the temperature to be double digits. The days are long, and the sunset and the sunrise often have only a few hours of dusk, though in the north of the country, the time is short. If you want to see auroras, this is not the time to visit. However, many of Iceland’s less convenient areas, such as Landmannalaugar, are open only in the summer.

Winter temperatures will drop below freezing, but the wind will make it feel colder, so you need to warm up. The sun doesn’t have much of a look, but when it looks beautiful, it keeps the beautiful gold that is very close to the horizon and casts a long shadow. A good day’s air can be very crisp, refreshing, and of course a long night means you have the best chance to find the aurora. Even on the road outside the city, even asphalt roads can be dangerous, so check before the Iceland road authority’s website.

The length of the day between spring and autumn is still very different, but because of the location of western Iceland, it will be brighter in the evening than in the morning, as they use GMT throughout the year. In weather, you can and should expect anything from a person who can lift a person to clear the blue sky at any time of the year.

8. Native

Iceland is famous for its more unusual food. In addition to the many local restaurant supplies whales and puffin, you can also from most of the supermarket to buy dried fish (har ð fiskur) and fermentation shark (hakarl), as well as with flat bread (flatkaka) supply more close to the smoked lamb (hangikjot). If you find yourself at the end of a loose end at BSI bus terminus, the cafe also serves a boiled goat head.

Brennivin (literally “burning wine”) is a local gin that is frequently used in the liquid category. Many local small breweries (such as borg and Bryggjan) offer alternatives to ubiquitous Egill gull and Viking beer – I personally recommend Einstok and Jokull beer (editor: the original Jokull beer is no longer brewed). If you walk in the appropriate time of the year, seasonal beer Þ orrabjor (history take around a month Þ orri and Jolabjor (Christmas) also big tipples), but should pay attention to their own strength!

Airwaves on 9.

Every year, in late November, reykjavik hosts the Icelandic radio festival. From 1999 at the start of the one-time performance aircraft hanger, already became Europe’s largest and one of the most popular festival, venues throughout the city hosted the hundreds and hundreds of events, from the vast Silfurberg hall, Harper on the Ingolfstorg mobile cabin has three space of the audience. Iceland’s own thriving music scene is always well represented, but the event also includes new bands from around the world and occasional unexpected guest guests.

In less than a week, the town was full of music fans from around the world, and the atmosphere was like a giant nonstop party. Even if you haven’t managed to get tickets to the festival, the off-site concerts in cafes, bookstores and hotels are free and include a lot of headlines. But make sure you arrive early – these places fill up quickly.

10. Let it go

Everyone who goes to Iceland will have their own list of expectations and places. The most famous scenic spots – the gulfs falls, Geysir, blue lake, Jokulsarlon – are all worth a visit, and not to be missed. But I often find that the more memorable moments are unexpected. Ask locals what most people would not consider ideas, bypassing a path (first to ensure it is suitable for you in any vehicle) – the unexpected happens, you may find some special things you can keep yourself as a little secret parts of Iceland.


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