The life of a massage parlor woman.

Forsyth county – some people say that if the public can see what’s going on in a nearby massage parlor, no one will stay.

However, as the pestilence of the massage parlor continued to spread throughout the United States, our families and communities rotted from the inside out.

Do you want to know that men who walk in these stores are forced to have sex?

We wanted to write an article describing the horrors of such a life, but because others had done so well, we thought it would be easier to simply point out an account like this:

The “lost girl” is the story of the coerced real-life victim “qige” who was first exploited in Texas and then across the country, including Atlanta. Girls like her are being exploited every day at a massage parlor in forsyth county.

Here are some highlights from the article:

“There are things that Kamchana (Kiki) doesn’t remember. This includes… When she came to the city from Thailand, she often couldn’t keep her name straight, not to mention spelling or pronunciation. In “Boustons”, “Atanda”, “Mayarmei” and so on in the city, where she worked, both inside and outside are the same, in the name with a “spa” or “massage”, before the window is usually black, in that small often have an ATM machine in the hall, containing cheap upholstered sofa, the woman sat there, his arms crossed, underwear or bikini, waiting for the customer.

“Customers rarely seem to grasp that women are prisoners. They didn’t see any other rooms… ”

“Every two weeks she was put in, moved to another city, another spa… ”

“… She was held until she paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt… ”

“They told her she would work in a restaurant, but once she arrived, the job description changed… Most of her work was 12 hours, and each hour was sold by men of different colors and creeds, rich and poor, grandfather, husband, father, son. Sometimes her shift lasted 24 hours. ”

“Someone put you off, put you away, leaving the airport, you will see your future: highway, a towering skyscrapers, blocking the sun, shopping malls, this will make the whole village. Your new boss buys you lunch, and you can’t believe the size of the part in front of you. You’re surrounded by people who don’t ask for anything. When you are in this state of vertigo, disorientation, your boss will take you to a place, not a restaurant or factory and tell you put some of your things in a dark room. This is where you’re going to pay your debts, he told you. You’ll be a whore… “

Inside massage

“The manager will lock her id card in the key… ”

She has become an integral part of an organized Asian criminal circle, operating more efficiently than many global companies. ”

“When you protest, he beats you, kills you, or keeps you awake forever. Then, in order to wake up, he lifts a picture of your son or your parents or your sister, tearing it in half. Or maybe he just said, ‘we heard that your father wasn’t feeling well. ‘”

“It took her six or seven months to pay off her debts and the extra money she charged for food, shelter and travel. She made about $200,000 for drug dealers. But she’s free. It should now mark the end of a terrible ordeal, and a new country begins anew. Instead, she was locked out of the massage parlor in the middle of the night in Philadelphia. She still had no money and no identification. Of course she didn’t know, except for the people inside… She hit the door and they let her back. ”

“(now she is arrested) she has” no identity “, a legal term that applies to immigration laws, but also describes her life in general. If she is deported, she will be deported back to Thailand, where she is likely to be humiliated by her family and may even send her to the United States. ”

“She may have suffered too much physical and psychological damage and not fully recovered.”

This is the tragic story of tens of thousands of women in massage parlors in the United States today.

You can do something. You can call your public officials and ask them to close the massage parlors now.


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