The mysterious ring in reykjavik may have been the ruins of an Irish settlement dating to the Viking age.

The mysterious ring at the top of the Seltjarnarnes peninsula, near the Orfirisey nature reserve in downtown reykjavik, may be the ruins of a Viking era built by Irish settlers. These rings are not archaeological objects in the system, but the local engineering geologists ¶ orgeirS. Helgason believe that they can be pointed out that Iceland Viking settlers of the celtics and Irish.

Found in the Viking age of the 1980s,

No one knows the origin and nature of rings discovered in the 1980s. They are invisible on the ground, but in some cases they can be seen from the air.

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The national museum conducted its only academic study in the late 1990s, which showed that the ring structure was built shortly after it fell.

The Viking settlers between Celtic settlers?

Settlement of the “layer” is a layer by the eruptions of a volcano Torumjokull glacier area layer, the volcanic region in 871, about a year, before and after this date and settled according to Mr Gus island of Iceland’s 874 date. This indicates that the ring is the rest of the building built during Iceland’s settlement.


Many studies, including C14 radiocarbon dating, suggest that Iceland’s settlement began much earlier, with perhaps as many as 100 people before IngolfurArnarson settled in reykjavik, according to Landnamabok’s “settlement book”. This means that Iceland’s actual settlement and the writing of “the book of settlement” and “sajas” have more time to get lost in the mists of time.

Including Þ orvaldurFri ð riksson, some historians and archaeologists believe in these documents missing details, Irish and Celtic is huge. Þ orvaldur points out that the origin of place names seem to have the celtics, especially in southwest Iceland and Faxafloi bay area, as a powerful evidence of the existence of the celtics. Þ orvaldur told Sto ð 2 ring support this theory.

Possible signs of Celtic influence.

Þ orgeir told local television Sto ð 2, although the ring of Iceland is very unique, but in the scenery of Ireland,

“In Ireland, the building tradition had been dominant for at least 1200 years. People build the boundary wall of these dimensions, as we see here, but the actual building, the outer house or the house is within the boundary wall.

Þ orgeir that ring settlements in Iceland point to a more powerful celtics existence than we found in Mr Gus.


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