Viking Christmas.

You know aldine, the only eye in Norse mythology. He is the chief executive of the big cheese, head of the head, Asgard, the home of the gods. He was always fighting with the frost giants, fighting, searching for wisdom, preparing for the end of the world and the legend of fairyland. At least that’s what I know about Odin. Eat, fight, fight, wander, drink.

However, I stumbled across another aspect of O – in – in. Some people say that Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus. Others said, Santa Claus from Viking invasion of England began, when they brought O ð in thoughts, he is a blue hooded cloak rangers, a hand holding a bag of bread, another hand holding a staff. The saxons, who were already in England, were one of their customs and welcomed the king of frost or the king of winter. It is not difficult to unite with Odin in winter. The combination of paganism and Christian faith is very unusual. One of Thor’s hammers was also a cross when I visited the Viking exhibition at the royal museum recently. It’s not surprising that even in 1066 at the battle of Stamford bridge the vikings lost their power in England, and when people took the oath,

The vikings did not carry swords or shields. They brought their faith; They brought O – d in. The vikings believed that Odin would ride on his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir.

In the history of Christmas described in Olympia, is a person sitting near the fire, do not participate in, but to listen to and observation, to see people are right, sometimes, if something is wrong, he will be away from sacks of bread, leave it to the poor and the hungry.

It is easy to see the image of Santa Claus beginning to form. A man is on a horse. The blue hooded cloak, the invisible man, everything goes well, and presents to the needy.

When the normans came, they brought saint Nicholas. For a long time, the image of the benevolent man coming on Christmas day was holy and serious, giving lectures and judging. In some countries, he asked some questions, then decide whether you naughty and nice, if you are naughty, you get a lump coal, some hay or potatoes, rather than an ideal gift.

Odin is not the only Nordic god to be attracted to Christmas. One theory is that his wife, Frigg, will check that the entrance to each house is clean. Imagine if you were a housewife and you believed that Odin’s wife would check your house. What better way to ensure that people keep their places organized and organized? Although the Viking era ended in 1066, nine hundred years later, my mother worked hard to make sure our house was clean and tidy during the Christmas season. I always thought it was because we wanted relatives to visit. But it may also be a part of a tradition that began centuries ago with the primitive tradition of oblivion, but it needs to be organized, and it is still working to keep the chaos down. If I say to my mother, will you be ready when frig checks the house? She doesn’t know what I’m talking about. She would say, “your grandparents are here. I must have the house spotless for Christmas. ”

Before they became christians, the germans celebrated yule. When people become christians, they do not automatically abandon their traditions and beliefs. The yuer celebration became part of Christmas. For icelanders, despite the new religion, this old tradition is easy to understand. After all, when Iceland became a Christian political agreement, part of the deal was that people could continue to practice their old beliefs as long as they were doing it in private.

If you know your Nordic mythology, you will know one of the traditions, “wild hunting”. When wild hunting took place, orin was in the sky with a group of ghostly hunters. When I think of this ghostly parade, I remember the cold, sunny night in Gimli, Manitoba, the northern lights. When Odin led the parade, he was called the Jolnir or Jule. He is also known as the Langbarrd, meaning a long beard. So we wore a cloak, a horse with eight legs, and a horse in the sky. It is not hard to see that O – d – in has become Santa Claus and Sleipnir with eight legs and become eight reindeer. There are even some traditional chimneys. Although this can’t be an Icelandic tradition, there are no chimneys in the sod house. No stove or fireplace, just a fire on the stone floor and a hole in the roof. In reykjavik today, it’s still hard to find a chimney to climb down the chimney, because most of the heat comes from hot water in volcanic areas. A fat man in a red suit has no chimney, and only a big bag of toys can pass by. For this trick, he needs a chimney with a big stone fireplace.

A lot of people get into this behavior before we move from orkin to our Santa image today. Saint Nicholas and sinterklaas and Santa Claus plus others. The result is that we no longer have an all-knowing Odin, no longer a strict saint, no longer need a demanding Santa at the mall to insist that you are good or bad. Instead, we have a jolly old elf. An undemanding gift giver, without asking awkward questions, even if that means using the credit card to the maximum extent, is doing its best to meet unnecessary requirements.

When I heard the song, “he knows when you’re going to sleep, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’re bad, when you’re good, so good.” I prefer the happy old elf, who is full of good spirits in the darkest hours of the year. However, in the winter, especially during Christmas, if I am lucky enough to reach the northern lights, I will be swept through the sky by the red, green and blue pulsations. Looking at them, I think I saw this figure in a blue cape, riding his eight-legged horse around the world, leading his crazy hunter. Even though I have the spectral images, the flashing lights in the sky, the awe of the sky, I have not yet received the gift of gold. At the same time,

All of these, and several centuries of multilayer tradition, often lead to me on a snow-covered road, to a quiet church service, some happy st poetry and ode, a with Joseph, Mary and Jesus nursery scene. To the king, she, and all the companions, Santa Claus, st. Nicholas, frost, king of the world all mall Santa Claus, decorate the Christmas tree’s mother and father, couples kissing below the magic of Christmas bowknot, Joseph and Mary and Jesus and merry Christmas to all.


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