This sexy lingerie is good around the world.

The lingerie industry often portrays women as pandering to men; In glasses, we emphasize the relationship between a woman and herself. That’s why all our panties give female lining and the inspirational quotes on the bra, all printed inside. However, I also want to create a brand that can have a positive impact on poor women, which is why I created the hope underwear.

Through underwear hopes and our partnership with the Golondrinas foundation, “cobra” trains women in the world’s poorest and most violent regions. Then we hire some of them so that they can help themselves and their children. Our pilot project does not currently have a “comuna” called Caicedo – perhaps the most dangerous block in medellin. Many people who live there it used almost was Pablo (Pablo Escobar) hire, now become a Colombian drug trafficking, sex trafficking or hit the powerful man in the kidnapping or part of the crowd. This is where the taxi drivers will not go, because of gun battles and explosions. This is a difficult place for women and children, and it is harder to find opportunities.

So what does this have to do with underwear? When you order a bra from Naja, you get a free underwear wash that you want a woman to make. Every purchase is a direct contribution to the employment of single mothers. We currently employ three women through Underwear for Hope. They rely on their own time to work in their home, which enables them to take care of their children flexibly.

Through underwear, we give women little chance to help themselves. They are single mothers like zoe, who can’t work because she has a disabled child. We gave her a chance to take care of her daughter at home. Or they are women who have been displaced by violence, like maria. In the words of maria:

I was one of Colombia’s “displaced”, after the gang killed my sister, I am forced to three girls and I and my sister left our village two girls, “she said,” violence let me very sad. I don’t know what to do. I want to die, but I can’t because I let them take care of me. Now, I’m trying to teach kids about violence, and I have about 50 kids. I cleaned a little park around the corner, and over the weekend I turned it into an activity center, where I taught my kids to grow, fry potato chips in a kettle, and paint.

We recently adopted an initiative to hire single mothers to sew cotton underwear for girls from the Rwanda foundation. The children of women who were raped during the rwandan genocide. We donated 1,400 pairs of underwear to the girls through the hope of underwear. Most of them were between the ages of 17 and 19 and never had a new pair of underwear. Because we put quotes around our underwear to inspire women, we asked the girls at the rwandan foundation to take out their underwear in jinya. My favorite “Abiyubaka” means “let’s help each other”. Every girl has a set of three.

We are currently on Kickstarter for a campaign to raise awareness of “hope underwear” and provide funding to expand our size to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. Through our plan, we will not only create micro-entrepreneurs, but also create a network of women to help women. One pair at a time. Because when you’re a woman, everything changes.


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