, the exclusive dating site for Donald’s supporters.

It’s been a long time since I last studied “about me,” but forced me into my personal taste before logging on. I finally made it to the NFL Sunday. Love the beach and long hikes. Hang in my family. You know, normal. “Hey, I know. But when I joined the new dating site for Donald trump supporters, I wasn’t really looking for love. I just want to know what’s inside.

A common online dating network, Trumpsingles, was created by David Goss, a 35-year-old reality television producer based in Santa Clarita, California. After hearing trump’s supporters on the first date abandoned after the story, he set up a special social network, the republican nomination fans can meet, ideally, find love. So far, 7,000 users have been active on Trumpsingles, about 5,500 less than the groundbreaking, and Goss’s obvious inspiration in February, but the number is growing.

I’d love to meet someone with common values.

I asked for a user, a Florida supporters trump, named Patricia palmer sadie (Patricia Passaretti), she is how to find this web site, and why she has been active on the site. She said that after hearing the news on “Fox&Friends” last Thursday, he had no trouble joining. She told me: “I used other websites (eHarmony, Match, Plenty Of Fish), but it didn’t work. “I really want to see a person with common values, and I believe that our political beliefs reflect our core values.”

At the university of rochester psychology professor Harry les (Harry Reis) research social interaction and interpersonal relationships, found in partha’s point of view is very common, but it is one of many filter is used to find a spouse. “People filter out potential partners in everything from religion to hobbies,” he says. “they like to be late or get up early. “Political preferences are just another. I don’t think it’s a shortcut to intimacy – but even that doesn’t create intimacy. It just eliminates a potential source of conflict. ”

Given our current political climate, the likelihood that your candidate will become a “source of conflict” during a date seems to be an understatement. In a conversation with the New York post last week, gauss said that the stigma associated with “supporters” brought about the need for “jumpers” because of the candidate’s divisive language and policies. But the website actually does that, right?

When I typed in the normal information, body type, hair color, smoking and drinking preferences, I arrived at a system home with 140 initial matches. The network was a 30-year-old brooklyn choice for me, a 67-year-old woman from Wyoming, but I checked the entire list to see which users were active. Of 140 people, I have only three color matches. The age range is large, which is a problem for both men and women.

“I had some conversations with men and I was met by two men in their 60s and a couple of young men,” pasaretti told me. “If I want to see nude photos, I also have pictures of ordinary bastards commenting, telling me to contact him. I immediately reported him and they stopped his account. ”

If I want to see a nude photo, I have the usual bastards in the photo to tell me to contact him.

So, on any dating platform, it’s basically the same. She added: “I think the concept is great, but the website needs to be adjusted a little bit and obviously needs to grow.” She praised the host for her quick response to her abuse complaints.

Trumpsingles use the old model, favored by mid-term innovators like, in which users buy credits to connect with potential partners. When recruiting, I offered six complementary tokens to begin with. Every private message costs credit. Saving to your “hot list” costs 25, which seems to be a typo. (I asked, but received no comment from the owner of the site.) $2.99 for ten credits, but $12.99 for 25 credits – some obscure math needs to be clarified.

Either way, politically-driven dating sites are nothing new. Apart from the aforementioned Bernie schell, there is also the freedom of the left. The asia-pacific region has paid tribute to Ayn Rand and joined the LibertarianPassions in the war against the government. The #NeverTrump campaign will fall in love with conservative anniversaries, which will be upheld by more traditional right-wingers.

A screenshot of

Neil Malhotra, a professor of political economics at Stanford graduate school, has found that these politically-oriented dating sites exist for a reason. He told me: “the political classification is comparable to the size of the education and race. “Our findings suggest that Shared political orientation signals Shared values, which may be important for child rearing and family harmony.”

Mock easily Trumpsingles, its inappropriate design and strange symbol (I believe this is a lot of supermarket romance novels cover), or it’s almost witty slogans (” makes great dating again “). But dating is hard. How can I be interested in providing a safe space for like-minded people to meet and explore their deeper chemistry? I certainly didn’t encounter any animosity when I was browsing.

But I want to know, what does trump think? The republican nominee has not commented on the dating platform named after him. I bet he thought it would be yuuuuge, just like his image created.


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