We love, why?

“Kumquat”, “turnip” and other words attract objects.

In last week’s column on verbal disgust, I felt a bit like the only green bay parker fan who didn’t have the huge cheese on my head. Although I have a small grudge against failure and a small problem of beef, I seldom feel silent.

But text appeal? So what’s fascinating is why I write this column every week. I like too many words, but I must admit, in my heart a special place, repeat the word (piecewise splash, stir, fie, clitter – dalai), BS words (nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, sincere) and ba di exclamation mark (Mary on a motor-boat mother! Christ is in a chip! . So yes, I can relate to that. Normal people are not my whores, but they usually have some of the best tasting and mouthfeel of a chocolate milkshake.

However, perhaps for the same reason, headlines like “dog cuddly” and “people’s happiness co-exist” rarely make the front page, and the word “love” is the neglected sibling of hatred. In column Christie l. gustafson Albany times joint, the word Atlantic dealer Barbara vlad’s (Barbara Wallraff) ashamed to give his favorite words, joked (the word is not “suitable”), but she is very happy to like a perfunctory to mock those sounds inappropriate words. It even record of the words in the language always lead to the dramatic topic, but the university of Pennsylvania linguist marc lieberman (Mark Liberman) recently finally did it, he said: “these positive response, of course, is varied, some really involved irrational attract of sound or feel a word or phrase, but many of them include a clever coinage fun, or a new word, its meaning is considered to be useful.

Although Mr Lieberman says this “irrational exuberance of words” often seems “fickle”, many comments emphasise the concept of taste. People who love words say a lot of different words: “say a really funny word”, “I like the feeling of the word”, “I like the way it forms on my lips”. Disgust, a physical component word attractive, and there is no doubt that, like a lot, such as kumquat, blow your mind, a dime a dozen, and mean – have form, in a unique and tasty way to smooth. Although my childhood infatuation turnip I’m sure, turnip never pass my lips, I said is the sound of the word and feeling, like the language record reviewers with own hobby show: “I’ve always liked said ‘loud gurgling. “One of the most recent weibo shows the same joy:” do you know what is a funny word “blurt out” ha ha ha ha, serious is that this is my favorite word, say ten times, you will see what I mean “(on July 24, 2009, LevitatingSalt).

On the other hand, it means something that talks about the attractiveness of words. “I remember using the word” paradoxical “to use the word” what a lovely word – ambivalence!” I’ll tell you another lovely word – atmosphere! I managed to bite my tongue before asking if she liked the word “ambulence,” but I suspect the answer is no. “For the same reason, you rarely read the carols of syphilis or genocide.

Lieberman search phrases like new words on the Internet, come up with the words, such as to elope, electrochemical, outrageous, wowsers, zombieconomy, schnitzel, thrown out of the window, Baracknophobia, toevage and gag, and so on.

For the sake of science, I did the same search on twitter, and all sorts of news dropped me out of my dictionary chair. Some people seem to have chosen vivid sounds (lush, beautiful, violin) or melodious sounds/meaning (rhapsody, loquacious, confluence, euphoria). Other people will love the poopbutt, assbucket, douchenugget, banana hammock. There is a double doomsday in this suffix, plus lesbian, dehagization, recession, advertising, science, and fascinating changes, and you can see the joy of new words. The word “Spockblocked,” “by the way”, “the word”, “the word”, “cattywampus”, and “the old word” (” the ignorant “) are deeply loved.

Not too many links to funny and Voldemortian and and poopbutt, but they will be cool in a word, although their voices, differences of tone and meaning of “Voldemortian gag the poopbutt”, this sentence with the power of the negative a yoke together I just decided to make a phone call to the vocabulary neophilia: love of new words. Just as my dog was dizzy when he found a new stink in the park, our words and actions can’t help but be immersed in a neutral word. It’s irresistible.

Now, if you can forgive me… Turnip turnip turnip turnip!


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