The MacBook Air. Apple’s best ever product.

Air is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and I’m celebrating an Apple product that will never let me down.

A slightly warped technology that was improperly provided in the technology was taken away from our lives.

I take it for granted.

I know you shouldn’t be doing this in a relationship, but in this case, I suspect my MacBook Air is flattered.

How much technology can you rely on without thinking?

How much do you depend on?

The iPhone? Ha. I broke the screen once or twice and they stopped working. And when I took them to the apple store, the verdict was always the same: they had water damage.

The coincidence of water meant that I needed an alternative, I thought.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the widespread availability of water damage iphones.

On the other hand, my MacBook Air never wavered. More than once.

To be frank, this is strange for a product celebrating its 10th birthday yesterday.

No, I haven’t had the same airline for 10 years.

In fact, I bought the 2010 version for the first time, and one of them was more developed than before.

But my MacBook Air didn’t simply give up the ghost, leaving its soul in the dark.

Is this my third or my fourth? (sometimes I think I like a shiny new computer, especially when it’s a little bit new. I’m the same way. I’m human. The old man is still working.

To a large extent, they all looked and felt similar, but I had never seen anything so obvious and superior, and I had to send air to my old laptop home. (this is a cupboard under a bookshelf)

Yes, it has been improving for years.

For example, MagSafe, apple has now taken away as many of the software dogs as possible.

But I can’t believe the computing opportunity is so thin. And work.

That’s what Steve jobs showed at Macworld in 2008. Instead of taking it out of his hat, he took it out of the envelope.

Every time I put it into the carry things, I can’t believe this thing almost doesn’t matter – compared to what I see any other computer, I can in my book, magazines and all the other crap I went into the plane.

I took it to many countries.

I put it on the sidewalk and on the floor. I put it at the airport and at home.

I used to leave the safe conveyor belt at Newark airport, because I caught the plane absent-mindedly. Actually, maybe I’m just in a hurry to have a drink.

A few days later, it returned to a place.

It has scars that prove I own it, but even if I use it for 16 hours a day, it is a reliable companion I once had.

I don’t even bother to buy the cover of it for years – I know, I know, how dare I? – but it rolls on the screen with every fist and every scream of the keyboard.

This is one of the products, and when you see it, you’re going to have some wrong products. No traditional hard drives? What?

And I admit that battery life has never been better. You have to put up with something in any relationship, don’t you?

But, when I remember, I can only get one example, which is a pure example.

I know you might have one of these things, and it might not be for you. Either emotionally or literally.

Apple has not been able to update its failure. Why? It has no retina display. Or touch ID. Battery life will never improve.

But for this very old machine, when the 12-inch MacBook comes along, very few people get very excited. And when the MacBook Pro comes, it’s got some silly touches, some people are crazy.

It’s not that competitors suddenly have a better version, as some would say they did on the phone.

I’ve had apple store employees trying to sell me on the new MacBook. They ended their depression.

I know I should forget the air I once had.

Apple is promoting the iPad Pro as the future of computers, with one young woman claiming she has never heard of the word “computer”.

But try to write on your lap – this is how I roll – although it has a very nice screen and a booming sound, you’ll find it has a way to go.

My, if only apple could make the air better. For now, it’s like driving a car for 10 years.


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