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At the company’s first public earnings conference, CEO evan spiegel ridiculed his opponent as a ‘growth hacker’ and their number of users, referring to various ways to urge users to continue to participate. In this segment from Industry Focus: Tech, Motley Fool analyst Dylan Lewis and senior technology expert Evan Niu (CFA) discuss Snap’s own approach to maintaining users’ platforms.

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Evan Niu: in terms of the number of users, Evan Spiegel published in a conference call this a very strange comments: “our competitors are doing what we call” hacking “growth, that is when you send the notice of people, and encourage people to use the application, and let their friends using the application. “We don’t resort to this approach to try and increase the number of users,” he says. But that’s why this is a bad thing? All these companies do is to increase engagement on the platform. Why is this a bad thing when a company tries to get users involved in a different way, letting their users develop their network of friends on the platform? For me, these are just things companies should do to increase engagement. However, Evan Spiegel is trying to downplay it and say: “we won’t do that.” This is a very strange way of thinking about trying something like this when you think a company like Snap is trying very hard to develop users. It’s just a weird comment.

Dylan Lewis: also, the platform under the microscope a minute, I don’t know whether you use Snapchat messaging, or if you care more about the story of your article, but if you find that actually sending messages back and forth on the platform to a friend, you will get a notice, your friend is the input message. Are there any other platforms that you get notified? This is definitely a way to get people to play on the platform, and to be able to keep people safe.

Bull: yes. I didn’t realize that because I didn’t really use the platform. It’s crazy, because it sounds like what he’s saying, it’s sending you a little notice, and it’s encouraging you to stay in the app and stay engaged.

Lewis: I see. I don’t need that. Just tell me when I really have news.

Bull: [chuckles] yes, it’s a strange notice, someone is typing. Of course, there’s a lot of time on the messaging platform, and you’ll see it when people type. But some typing notices seem annoying.

Dylan lewis did not mention the position of any stock. Evan Niu, CFA has the following options: in January 2019, Snap’s $20.Motley Fool does not have a position in the stock. Motley fool has a disclosure policy.

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