How to recycle your mobile phone cash?

So, you’re ready to unload your old phone for a new one (if you need some inspiration, our first choice).

The next step is to figure out how the hardware was handled yesterday. Just in case, you can always keep it or pass it on to family or friends. Or, you can get some cash, credit or discount value to offset the price of a hot new phone.

Don’t be nervous, if your phone is cracked; You will be surprised that you can get the right phone and the wrong screen. Used phones are often refurbished or stripped of parts, so they are still valuable. And even if you can’t find anyone to pay for your dust dialer or other electronic device, you can at least recycle it responsibly.

No matter how you look at it, you may not be able to from a single sales or discount enough revenue to pay for the cost of a new cell phone, especially iPhone X $1293.00 ( or the Galaxy note 8 ($929.99) on, but if you’re smart, you can reduce your financial burden.

How much can you get?

The amount of cash or credit you can get for the phone varies with model, age and condition. In general, the highest level of equipment normally with the price of $300 or $400 or so, but a brand new iPhone X may go far beyond the scope between you and the buyer (at the time of writing this article on eBay, the price from $800 to more than $1000).

If the phone is:

The 11-20-2014 telephone pile. JPG

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It’s time to give up on old phones.


In good condition

“New”, about one to two years old.

Advanced equipment (not budget)

Popular. The iPhone and samsung phones are in great demand.

A popular color (black or silver may be more net than gold)

Sell directly to buyers, such as through Craigslist.

You will not be able to trade the phone that is still financing through the operator.

Raid the wardrobe before you sell.

If you’re going to use a mobile phone for cash transactions, then you should look at what other dusty, rusty electronics, you forget the drawer somewhere: cell phones, cameras, console and laptops.

If there is a resale value, your total sum will be added.

2. Decision: cash, credit or old transactions.

Josh miller/CNET.

You can narrow down your options before you start researching which vendors give you the best deals. Can you wait a few days for a gift card or payment card, or do you need cash? If you are switching to an unlocked device such as OnePlus 5T, the phone transaction with your current carrier or vendor will not work properly.

If you need cash, your options are limited to direct sales, GameStop and EcoATM, and there are physical kiosks in shopping centers across the United States.

In the past, EcoATM will at least cause you trouble. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though it still accepts popular phones, though much less than many online offers.

For security and anti-fraud reasons, EcoATM does require a driver’s license and a fingerprint scanner before handing out cash. Also, since you have to drive to shopping mall, so I suggest you only in online search other options to do this – so you can at the scene to determine whether its more or less than other retailers.

2. Around. The true.

You can almost always sell your phone to a buyer via Craigslist or eBay, but it takes more time to change your mind. If you have the original packaging and all the included cables and wires, this also helps.

The good news is that it takes less time to trade and credit than the few sites you want. Mobile phones are less likely to suffer from water damage, and less so if the perfect phone is out of the box (which is also one of the reasons to protect screens and covers).

Prices vary according to mobile phones, operators and conditions. Here are the current quotes for several mobile phones. Not every service needs every call.

Know how to get paid?


Sometimes you pay in cash; Other times, expect a gift card.

Taylor Martin/CNET.

Do you get cash, credit card or gift card? Most of the time it’s the latter two. Best buy and apple will give you gift CARDS at their retail stores. The operator will deduct the discount from your next call. EcoATM and direct selling to buyers will put cash in your hands (although EcoATM may deliver less).

If you choose an online provider, you will have to wait a few weeks to get paid. After you pack and transport the goods, the staff will match the equipment according to the actual conditions to maintain the integrity of any fiber. Only in this way can they do it well.

4. Reading rules

Say a word to a wise man: know exactly what you are doing. For example, the Apple phone transaction is only applicable to iPhone 5 or higher, and if you try to uninstall older phones, you can’t work properly.

You also need to confirm that you have reset the phone according to the vendor’s instructions, usually to reset the factory Settings without any screen locking.

Follow these additional steps before selling, recycling or donating your phone.

When you exit the phone you’re trying to sell, make sure you have a plan or a quick fix. When you give up, even the carrier repurchase program, if something goes wrong, you don’t get it back. It’s gone.

Don’t throw away old phones.

Get rid of all their means, but never in the trash can – you don’t want to be responsible for the toxic chemicals being soaked in the land. Most dealers take away old electronics, old chargers, etc.

Resources: sell or donate your phone.

There are a number of ways to pass a phone you don’t need after using your phone, but here are some resources to help you get started.


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