The fun and danger of sundance’s film solutions in 2018.

Have your snow boots and your popcorn? Let’s come to the sundance, and join the professionals of the film industry, check the most gruesome new independent films and surprising, however, VR experience, in hundred yards Lyfts jumping off into the next screen, and on both sides of the camera is sending out the gift of passion.

Following last year’s western “antique”, “Dr Pachauri prime minister” and “discovery” and other high-tech style of sundance, after ten days at the sundance film festival, many feature films, documentaries and VR experience reflects our focus and technology. These are some of the stories that need to be noted, in the age of our digital obsession, to study human stories and timely questions.

The digital earth

Many of the movies in Park City, Utah, focus on the meaning of getting younger in the digital age. “Eighth grade”, written and directed by comedian Bo Burnham, tells the story of a young YouTuber looking for connections between people, avoiding her place in the real world. Just like last year, winning them story “Ingrid Goes West”, this year’s “skateboard kitchen” for the center with a young woman, found new life through them, in this case joined the skater in real life.

Hearts Beat Loud, the father and daughter of Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemon, has an unexpected hit on Spotify. With “white rabbit” comedian Vivian Bang writing and acting as an eccentric performing artist, who gets the scrapes of work through TaskRabbit.

Two films explore the consequences of our hidden digital lives. “Rust” is a Brazilian adult drama about a high school child whose private video is revealed to the school. And country “assassination” argues that when someone release the browser history town people, information and other secret network directly, this arouse the heart of the town of Salem (Sale) will be crazy for stylized.

At the same time, a documentary about “tomorrow’s inventions” and “science and technology exposition” will follow the children to the international science event. On the other hand, the star of the “trace” Ben Foster (Ben Foster) and marcin Harcourt, Mackenzie (Thomasin militants McKenzie) has clashed with the modern world, determined to give up science and technology, leave the grid.


Sundance is the location of the documentary, and this year’s films have been spun off from the headlines about corporate abuse of citizens and civil liberties in search of profits.

“Akicita: the standing rock war” shows us the infamous protest against the Dakota channel tunnel through the eyes of young native American demonstrators. “Kailash” infiltrates factories, children are used as slave labor, and “the devil we know” faces the health and environmental impact of dupont’s chemical company.

“Black money” examines the huge impact of recent American law, allowing companies to donate unlimited amounts of water to a flood.

A single service

Several films use a single location or restricted concept to increase tension. The technology once again provides a lens through which to view the story – literally, “search”, which is played entirely on a computer screen. Director Aneesh Chaganty gave up the job of advertising GuGe to make the thriller look amazing. In this thriller, Cho Cho plays a desperate father who searches for various forms of online communication to find his missing daughter.

At the same time, “guilt” is a Danish thriller, and police dispatchers have to lift the heinous crime in the police station. “And” boys, girls, dreams.” On election night, a couple goes out to play.


As sexual harassment and racial tensions make headlines, some films address these difficult and complex issues of the day. The documentary “Half the Picture” interviewed female directors, including Ava DuVernay and Penelope Spheeris about their experience of dealing with stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against female filmmakers. It can’t be more timely.

The story of the young women including “Cameron post”, which, Chloe, moritz, play an adolescent accept controversial sexual orientation conversion therapy, and the “story”, in which Laura, solve disturbing memories of her first sexual relations.

There are also biographies of powerful women, including Gloria Allred, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Vivienne Westwood, Joan Jett, Jane Fonda and pop star MIA.

Several films address contemporary racial issues. “America for me” is a multipart documentary that has cost black high school students a year. The relationship between the police and the black youth is the “monster and man” after the shooting of the police, and “crime and punishment” by the New York police bureau.

In the documentary exploring the science and its implications, there is “genesis 2.0”, which focuses on the potential of genome sequencing to resurrect woolly mammoths. “Arnault’s ark” also examines the struggle to save Kiribati, the lowland Pacific nation that is threatened by climate change and rising sea levels.

The “cleaner” is a documentary about the “digital scavenger”, which is used to view and remove inappropriate content from the Internet when necessary. The film explores the effects of a person’s image from a war zone photograph to a core pornographic image. Internet the dark side is also “our new President,” another view of American politics is a conspiracy theory and Russian state media propaganda combined eccentric propaganda, to assist in the rise of “fake news”.

SAN Dan star

Catcher – is – a spy sundance.

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Yang Haoyu appears in Dead Pigs by Cathy Yan, an official selection of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Frederico Cesca. All photos are copyrighted and may be used by press only for the purpose of news or editorial coverage of Sundance Institute programs. Photos must be accompanied by a credit to the photographer and/or ‘Courtesy of Sundance Institute.’ Unauthorized use, alteration, reproduction or sale of logos and/or photos is strictly prohibited.

“The watchman is a spy”

The sundance film festival.

Sundance is an emerging or experimental storyteller. But this year the festival still have a lot of from jake gyllenhaal, nicolas cage, Chloe, pooh, kristen Stewart and Ethan hawke powerful performance space to such a big star, not to mention the “black mirror” star Andre riess burroughs.

Although you may never see the sundance in your local multivariate film more left in the film, but what is certain is that you will have the opportunity to see the “bourne” series writer Tony Jill Roy (Tony Gilroy) write a political thriller “Joan in Beirut,” ham. The Catcher was a Spy, starring Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti, in other big-name films. It was based on the remarkable true story of a famous professional baseball player, Moe Berg, who caught the fouls from the second world war to catch Nazi scientists. His mission led to his famous German physicist Werner Heisenberg holding a gun in his pocket and ordering the shooting.


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