Video games look beautiful. That’s too bad. Their story is terrible.

Explanation: the game we played has become our own glasses, but the fake story they told is not keeping up.

Am I playing in the parallel universe? I read or talk about video games every day, but I’ve never heard anyone often hear what I think of myself: the stories in video games are fascinating.

To be sure, the actual games of video games are more important than stories, and they are still as interesting as ever. But these stories are often combined with the skills of college students writing an essay on the coming night.

Let’s take a recent example, the assassin’s creed: the origin. When I think about the time it takes to make the beautiful world of this game, I feel funny, but I give up about seven hours. I don’t like the game and feel guilty, but like ancient Egypt, I have no reason to care.

You play the Egyptian soldier, bayek, whose son is the standard fare for the assassin’s creed game, which is the evil guy who is manipulating the politics of the day. In a typical “golden heart against the evil of the world”, you are trying to prevent the bad guy’s machinations out of revenge. But everyone in the story thinks it can be recycled. No one offers what we didn’t have in dozens of movies and games.

I played for about seven hours, and the remaining 23 were vonnegut. But if it takes eight hours to invest, how good is the story?

The scene of the assassin’s creed: the origin.

Ancient Egypt was full of life in the assassin’s creed: the origin, but none of the characters in the game.


I don’t choose the assassin’s creed, because it’s a medium issue. This is a sore point for me. From my memory, I have been a dedicated video game nerd until around 2007. I played two or three games a month and played two or three games a year. Like many people, I often try to recapture the glory years of my youth, but now I find that the story of the game is an obstacle.

AAA game or b-movie?

According to Newzoo, the industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to generate more than $100 billion in revenue this year. But the narrative quality described throughout the game has not blossomed in the same way.


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Today’s games, compared to Hollywood budgets, tend to make them feel like movies. In the video game world, we call it AAA.

SONY’s indiana Jones unknown game. Developers naughty dog actually plan to the mysterious sea 3 action movies, and then created a story around them and the creative director Amy hempel nigel (Amy Hennig) in the 2011 version of the game, told CNN. This makes the game more exciting, as in 2009’s “mysterious waters 2”, when you shot down an enemy in a collapsed building, but at a cost. The story here is an excuse to play the game, not the story of the game.

The peripheral quality of video game stories also shows a lack of originality. Most of the AAA games I play feel like the convergence of the B movie metaphor, and the “mysterious sea” is a poster child here. This is a master class of technical creativity, but there doesn’t seem to be much thought in the plot.

This series has a detached protagonist, “I am too old, this dog shit” mentor, and become an enemy’s friend to become interested, but not alone. The “sky zero dawn” and “assassin’s creed: origins” of the apocalyptic book are the same as the cliches of “B” movies.


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