What are the best restaurants and delivery technologies?

We’ve all been there: it’s Friday night and you want to use the couch to make vegetables, but don’t use the greasy pizza you get from the local joint conference.

What you really want is to have dinner at your favorite restaurant, but don’t leave your house in trouble, try to keep it, find a parking lot, and there’s usually no real meal.

Dining redefined, logo.

This is a problem, the headquarters is located in Europe, Australia and Asia UberEats popular rival, in some areas of Britain’s food distribution company Deliveroo are through high-end alternative to Just Eat and Seamless service to solve the problem.

Since earlier this year, the company two hours in the south of the capital, in parts of London and Brighton, Brighton beach city set up a “dark kitchen” called “Deliveroo Edition”. The kitchen so far there have been seven rooms, can let a senior restaurant food range up to the size of the existing stores, and do not need to provide any space to sit down and eat or waiting for the staff.

With companies like UberEats and amazon scrambling to provide food, Deliveroo’s experiment marks the emergence of companies and the possibility of building stronger relationships with top local restaurants. This may expand your local menu and get more restaurants to sign up for Deliveroo trends.

Peter Backman, a food services consultant, said it was a “very smart solution” that “particularly appeals to operators who don’t have natural resources (growth)”.

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Inside, the “dark kitchen” shook London food delivery.

Deliveroo invites restaurants to rent out free and allows them to use their own kitchen facilities and chef’s space. The dark kitchen is a vivid blue-green transport container, and Deliveroo has been planted in the open Spaces around London. For restaurants that live in these containers, a new customer base has been opened up.

And, of course, Deliveroo delivery. Depending on how long the order takes, the company will alert the driver of the motorcycle or bicycle. They appear to collect orders directly from chefs and ship them to areas around the main suburbs.

Come down and move on.

In London Camberwell Deliveroo version, I met with operating the crust brothers Joe Moore (Joe Moore), until Deliveroo 18 months ago when signing the agreement, he is just a street spots. In between London’s different markets and street food events, Moore has sold his pizza in the kitchen of the pizzeria in Rome and Naples.

I jumped into his container, where two chefs were preparing mozzarella. When they showed me the wall of the asus tablet, the evening orders were starting to flow, and I felt the heat from the huge Pavesi pizza oven imported from Italy. For me, the container looked very hot and claustrophobic, but Moore assured me that it was a luxury to have so much space to cook.

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Joe Moore expanded his street food business by participating in the release.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

“This is a big step forward for us,” he said. “We’re used to trading from a three-meter pavilion.”

For Moore, as part of his version, he was able to expand his street food business to Waterloo Station in London, which will open in August.

The release allows him to test his menu and build a customer base. The success of the project also convinced the landlord that he would take over the location of Moore at a established chain.

Moore said: “we can say that we sell so many pizza, not only in, say we are a street food company, this is a good, romantic, but it is not necessarily a viable business.

Poking around the other four containers, it reminded me of the different company in the street stalls. A cheap and happy national chain, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and a supply of Motu, high-end Indian restaurants with michelin-starred stadiums and sister shops Trishna and Hoppers.

Hungry for more

In addition to the success of the restaurant, Deliveroo has not been easy in Britain. Like Uber, Deliveroo is facing criticism that it is exploiting economic workers by not ensuring that drivers and drivers are paid a national minimum wage. The company believes that the average income of hundreds of drivers is much higher than the living wage. This month, due to the lack of proper planning permission, the Campbell ware version I visited was threatened and closed.

“We have been talking to local residents and taking steps to deal with any problems,” the company said in a statement. “Where there is a planning permission issue, we will work closely with the local authorities to ensure a solution.”

The added delivery service could also hurt a unique in-store experience, which is often the case in some restaurants, Backman said. “For those who eat in restaurants, it’s not just food, it’s the feeling,” he added. “But when you eat at home, your relationship is purely a man on a bicycle with a bag on it.

Motu is solving this problem by providing a special delivery box. Similarly, Wagamama provides plastic to mimic the more complex bowl ramen. While this does not completely duplicate internal experience, it does help each brand feel unique.

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Not your average Indian takeaway: motu has a special food delivery box.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

These concerns have not kept delivery down, and the company is moving at full speed.

In late September, Deliveroo announced an additional $385 million (284 million pounds) in funding for rapid development in the UK and overseas. Which one of the most will involve investment in technology and improve the system of artificial intelligence and machine learning, used to predict the number of orders at any time or to the pricing and restaurant menu options provide feedback.

Investment in technology also filters into the kitchen. Deliveroo said at a news conference. “the robot and the latest progress of industrial control system, help the restaurant’s chef to focus on highly skilled activity, to improve the quality of food at a lower cost”.

Just increasing the delivery capacity is huge. Folding it into an existing restaurant business is much more complicated than processing a reservation. Companies like Deliveroo not only provide technical infrastructure, but also provide drivers and kitchen space to expand delivery and development brands, and it’s easy to see why a restaurant can jump in.

Adam Coghlan, British editor of Eater, an online publication, said: “this delivery seems to be a win-win for restaurants.


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