Single sure when sexual physiology need to solve the problem of physiology, in which case no boyfriend or husband help, the first way is to choose for themselves, the so-called masturbation, that is a way to meet the needs of sex, but more women want men to do this step, not by his own hand, after all, hand have no feelings, no more foreplay and flirting, so choose a man, more is a perfect way.
But there is a problem, must pay attention to safety, to choose and own bosom friend or friends, or co-workers, or to a strange man and play a one-night stand or something, it must be the most important position to put safety.
So the problem of solving sexual problems must first solve the problem of security, otherwise, if the problem is hurt, the consequences of the hangover are far beyond the pleasure of the original sex.
Figure out your sexual needs.

2. Choose condoms.
Ask for the correct use of condoms, though 70% said they can accept without condoms when having sex, but the disease, condoms, contraceptive double efficacy certainly makes it the most respected professionals of contraceptives. In addition, about 8% of people in the crowd allergic to latex, if you happen to fall into this category, to select the use of ordinary pharmacy can buy polyurethane material insurance to cover, will be the best choice.
3. Protect your sexual privacy.
Protecting your sexual privacy is a virtue, and if you don’t have the luxury of having sex to change your money, or if you really have to, protect and treasure your sexual privacy. Of course, if you and your partner are technically superior, and don’t care about worldly views, it’s a different story.
4. Understand whether sexual partners are prone to violence.
Know if your partner has a tendency to be violent, unless you like sm: a simple test recommended by this psychologist will help you understand if your sexual partner is prone to violence. ,
Question1: what does he do when he is angry? Often threatening to throw something, hit a wall, break something, etc., is a sign of his lack of self-control.
Question2: is his mood polarized? Emotional polarization is a reflection of immature personality.
Question3: does he come from a violent family? Children who grow up in violent families often learn only to solve problems with violence.
Question 4: does he attempt to make you under his control? For example, you can’t decide how you dress, how you live, or even if you don’t feel like him.
When a one-night stand is inevitable…
When the night is inevitable, try to do the following: choose your best method of birth control, and the benefit of the people; Just in case, don’t leave your true identity and contact information, but don’t deceive. Just in case, try to keep at least one contact. Let the night be true overnight, then no longer pursue; Never brag about your night to a friend out of braggart.


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