Compared as a contraceptive tools, condoms and other contraceptive methods, easy to use, no side effects, contraception is commonly 97% success rate, specially trained users can make contraceptive success rate reached 98%. Despite the novelty and diversity of condoms on the market today, people often feel that they have no choice in the bewildering array of condoms.
Condoms this little thing, not only carry the love between men and women, the more firmly the reincarnation of the mark, in the process of we enjoy perfect Sex, understanding of real condom and how many?
1. How long is the shelf life of general condoms?
If it is in a cool, dry storage environment, condoms can be kept for 5 years. But in other cases, the condom’s life expectancy is shortened.
2. Can a condom be used repeatedly?
The answer is no doubt, no. Because the condom may have been damaged during the use of the condom, if it is cleaned and dried, it will not guarantee the quality of the condom. In other words, the condom has completely lost its effectiveness.
3. Besides pregnancy, what can a condom prevent?
Condoms, in addition to the efficacy of contraception. It can also prevent the general STD and AIDS, so it is recommended to use condoms during sex.
4. What kind of lubricant is suitable for use with condoms at the same time?
The need to work with a condom is a water-based lubricant (e.g. KY lotion). This is because oily lubricants (such as baby oil, vaseline etc.) can damage the material of the condom, causing leakage and affecting condom use.
5. Wearing two layers of condoms is safer than wearing a condom.
This is what many people think, for the sake of safety, take one more. But at the same time, wearing two layers of condoms will cause the condom to break down due to mutual friction, which will result in reverse effect.
6. To ensure the quality of condoms, open the condom before use and check it out.
Many people take a similar approach in order to check whether a condom has a quality problem. But this method is actually wrong, if the condom has small holes, it is not easy to check the method. Also, it is difficult to wear the condom when it is opened, which can cause breakage.


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