The first kiss is called the first kiss, most of the girls have no experience in the first kiss, and the lack of our sex education causes many girls to accept it passively. In fact, the first kiss is a very sacred thing. In order to make the kiss more meaningful, it is necessary to master relevant skills. Also, in order to avoid the influence of tone on each other’s nature, men and women should pay attention to their oral hygiene.
When it comes to kissing, it’s a familiar thing, but many people experience it more than once, but every time they kiss, they don’t feel happy. So, do you really kiss? Those who have already taken the kiss should pay attention to the skill. Those who do not take the kiss should study ahead of time to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. So let’s see.
Women’s first kissing skills:
Stay calm: many people are looking forward to their first kiss, like leonardo and the heroine in the movie Titanic. Experts tell you how to kiss, in fact, the more you care, the more prone to tension, “let it go, stay calm” is the first key point of a thousand years.
2. Two lips: put your lips on him, then open your mouth slightly (and, of course, the jaw!) Your tongue will touch each other. Experts tell you how to tongue kiss, let your tongue moves with his gentle, and close your eyes, at this time, you can put his hand on his chest and waist, or moving between fingers in his hair.
3, adjust breath: when kissing, the most fear is out of breath, especially when the kiss is deep, the kiss is still not exhausted, easier to breathe. The expert tells you how to tongue kiss, remember, when breathless, slowly close your mouth, kiss his face, then let two lips meet again. That way, you can kiss for several minutes.
4, warm response: in order to make the atmosphere of the first kiss after some temper, reduce the gap that a short period of time after the kiss, you can smile to him, or hold his hands and said has been very good kiss just now. Experts tell you how to tongue kiss, if the first kiss is not as romantic as you previously expected, that also do not have to regret, for the first time, hard to avoid miss, make good use of the above-mentioned tips, must let you kiss by leaps and bounds!


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