Sex is boring with sex toys that you can’t expect.
Constant sex is boring, and you need to keep innovating to keep it fresh. In fact, we have a lot of commonly used daily necessities, can be used as sex props, can be used to add points for sex, and will make the feeling more beautiful.
Light a candle and create an atmosphere. Research shows that women are more likely to be emotional when men are specifically created for them, and women also like to create an atmosphere that stirs up men. Take a candle, is men and women are more loving way of creating atmosphere, not only can increase the romantic, still can make body and mind to be closer to each other, and in light of the candle, both physically and mentally more relaxed, the body contour is more moving, both sides can enjoy the enjoy sex more. Candles with orange and lavender aromas are a good choice, and the essential oils can reduce anxiety and make people happy.
Drink a glass of red wine. The woman who drinks a little red wine, can show charming and sexy just right, the man also likes to see the amorous feelings of the woman drunk ten thousand. An affectionate, one intentional, the woman face if the peach blossom is so charming, the man’s eyes naturally full of desire. Red wine, not only let the woman retain some kind of sexual diffident, also become full of passion sex should have to be reckless and wild.
Surround a bath towel, sexy take a bath. According to research, women are more likely to be sexually aroused when they are wrapped in a towel. Women may want to take a short shower before sex, both to maintain hygiene and to allow men to gradually stimulate their desires while waiting. When he saw you bathing in a bath towel and shaking his wet hair, he was probably too anxious to stop.
Buy an eye mask and play a romantic game. In the foreplay, you can get the other person to lie on the bed, put an eye mask on him, and then do some small gestures on him, like kissing. Because he can’t see you, and he doesn’t know where the next part of your kiss will be, the excitement will be stronger.
Spread a blanket and massage each other. Might as well the bedroom temporarily transforms into a massage room, husband and wife massage, push oil, can induce and enhance sexual desire. In general, women’s ears, neck, inner thighs, the most sensitive in areas such as the armpits, breast, nipple, husband available fingers on the back pressure, slow movements should be gentle, to arouse sexual excitement.
Install a mirror to boost your sexual excitement. Want to know what sex is like? Is it more exciting to see yourself? You might as well install a mirror in your bedroom, preferably on a bed, where you can watch and reconnect with each other’s bodies to heighten your excitement. Studies have shown that women are more likely to have orgasms in the mirror. You and his wild, wild look, what could be crazier and bolder than this?


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