In “appetite,” bourdon asked the most difficult food critic (he was 9)

As Peabody award-winning series “unknown” series of the host, Anthony borden visited like Beirut, Congo, gaza and the Libyan conflict areas – where he CNN colleagues often report. But Mr Bourdon made it clear that he did not want to be mistaken for a journalist.

“Journalists get into trouble, ask questions, and people tighten up,” he told Dave Davis of fresh air. “And if you sit down and say, ‘hey, what makes you happy? What do you like to eat? ‘they tell you extraordinary things, many of which have nothing to do with food. ”

‘experiencing the daily lives of people around the world helps to get a deeper understanding of the news in these places,’ Mr. Bourdin says. “I mean, when we talk about benghazi or Libya, who are we talking about?” He said. “Is it useful to look at them with their children and see if their daily life is very useful?”

So, what does Anthony bourdin eat at home, “ordinary”? During his 16-year television career, he enjoyed a reputation for everything — including unwashed pig-rectum and bad shark. But his new diet is focused on eating meals at home with young daughters, including apples, cheese, burgers and his favorite Asian dishes, such as the Korean army stew.

“When I cook at home, I think about a nine-year-old girl,” he said. “I mean, she’s the one I need to please, if she’s not happy, I’m not happy, the whole house is revolving around her and her friends, so it reflects that.”

I want it to be useful, approachable, and reflect my past eight, nine years as my father’s life, not as a professional trying to show off beautiful pictures and food that are different from others. … I want to make a beautiful recipes, a creative recipes, look for honest, direct, informal language, give the reader a reasonable expectations, and encourage them as I find a way to organize as a professional is useful.

It also reflects the age and the restaurant industry I think all these years. Most of the chefs I know after work don’t want to go out to dinner and are forced to think critically or analytically about what they are eating. They want to experience food like children in an emotional way. The bowl of spicy noodles, even a bowl of soup, when they were bullied at school, their mother gave them a pure joy on a rainy day. I mean, when you can escape the world and lose food, it’s a happy time. These are recipes, and hopefully I’m trying to evoke these feelings and emotions.

In the beginning as a dishwasher and what attracted him to the catering industry?

Bolton began his career with a dishwasher and joked that he had learned “all the most important lessons” of his life scrubbing dishes.

David Scott Holloway/Ecco.

I started working on the dishwasher in the summer, which was really a big deal for me because I was lazy then. I’m the kid, and if you hire me to shovel your walk in the winter, I’m really going to do a terrible job, and I might find a way to escape. …

The kitchen brigade was the first person I wanted to honor, and the first time I ever went home with respect. It’s very hard work. You must get there on time. There are some absolute, absolute rules, and for whatever reason, I respond to that. …

I am a happy dishwasher. I joke that I have learned every important lesson, all the most important lessons, like the dishwasher. In some ways, it’s true. The great chef Thomas keller talked about… Find you put dirty dishes in, push them into the machine, and clean them every time. There are some things that are very comforting. … I still like the bottom of the steep learning curve. I like to be the worst person in the kitchen, trying to win respect and status every day.

In writing his first cookbook, the kitchen secret, and find his writing voice.

I think, to a large extent, Kitchen Secret sounds like it’s because I don’t have the luxury or the heavy time to sit and think about the universe. I had to get up at 5 am and write for an hour and a half, and then I had to go to work to do a real job. …

From what I realized, I didn’t have time to think about what I was writing. I certainly have no customers or readers, because I am sure no one will ever read it. This is a very liberal place in many ways. Since then, I’ve tried to stick to this business model.

Two false honor killings a pig at a village feast in Borneo.

It was the first time I thought I had never killed an animal before. I’ve been ordering them over the phone as a chef, so I’m guilty of the death of many animals. But here, I was asked to Pierce a spear into the heart of a pig. In my opinion, the height of hypocrisy, though I may have borne the unpleasant feeling, put it on others. I was responsible for the deaths of many animals. I was asked here, I don’t want to let the team down. I don’t want to humiliate the village or embarrass anyone.

The first time was very, very, very difficult. My camera guy almost passed out, and it was really hard for me. Second, although I want to say it is still difficult, and I think I said in the voice, I don’t know what it says to me, may be a very bad thing, I have become – while I change over time. I want to think a lot about the problem, but I also become more ruthless. I have been able to Pierce the heart of a screaming pig and live more comfortably than I did for the first time.

Find good neighbors and hear local reactions.

Ideally, I would go somewhere, just like I would find a little bar in Rio, for example, a place that perfectly expresses the neighborhood. It’s not a good place to travel, because I don’t have a better word, I hate it, but I use it anyway – “real”. I’ll introduce you to the program.

The answer I was looking for was to hear the neighbor say, “how did you find that place? I think only we know it, it’s really a place we love, it reflects our culture and our neighbors.

But on the other hand, it’s a destructive process, because if I name this place — and I’m not always going to be the place where it is — I’m going to change it. Next time I go back, there are tourists. Some people have seen it on the show. Then I might hear the same person from the neighborhood say, “you ruined my favorite bar!” All the ordinary customers ran out, filled with ugly t-shirts and flip-flops.

He hesitated during the meal.

If freshness and hygiene are a problem, usually it’s a tribal situation that’s problematic, and in the whole tribe, the chief gives you what they have. Usually they do not refrigerate, usually old – their tolerance for meat is even higher than my relatively sensitive stomach. These dishes are often eaten in a large bowl, and the whole tribe is stuffed into the fingers. So, rotting food, obviously dirty food, water is obviously bad – these are all challenges.

In terms of flavor profile, I am satisfied with everything. …… When you get to Iceland, I mean I can do it, but I’d rather not. I won’t do it again. It’s unpleasant, but it’s not the end of the world. I don’t know, because of the destruction of the pure soul suffering, if you are talking about food, it will only let me to question the future of human, and let me fall into depression state of screw, I would like to have an airport Johnny rockets almost is low.

…… If you’re talking about a mouthful of food, it will only make me question the future of humanity and plunge me into a spiral of depression, and I think it’s almost the lowest point in the airport to eat Johnny rockets.

I’ve lost three days of work in 16 years… For only three days, I had been depressed by the count, lying in bed in despair, sick. In general, if this is a very busy street spots, even if it looks dirty, if there are a lot of people there, they’re eating, and they are very happy, my staff will always be there to eat. Eat Caesar salad at major hotel chains in central Africa or the Middle East. This is where you usually get into trouble.

Lose interest in food because he likes street food.

I am happiest in the pure emotional experience of food. So do most of my cook friends. When it like a street food or a cook, a course of action, or a really good at a two or three things they have done a long time the person, this is very reflect their race or their culture or nationality – these are what make me happy.

I’m spoiled, like many cooks. We’ve got a lot of good wine and dinner, and you’ve really gotten to the point where you don’t want to be there for four hours, and that’s when the course ends. First, it’s too much. It was uncomfortable at the end of that period, and it wasn’t very interesting. If the waiter takes 10 minutes to describe each dish, it will only make you eat three dishes, which is really wrong. I think people are ignoring the fact that chefs should end up in the happy business, not in my business.


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