In the new ‘gilmore girl’, lori gilmore finds herself a bad reporter.


What happens when you look up and fall from grace? Some “gilmore girls” fans had this experience over the weekend. The show aired seven seasons and ended in 2007, and last week Netflix relaunched four smaller series.

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Fans are looking forward to catching up with many people, especially Rory Gilmore. She was an ambitious, ambitious young reporter who dreamed of winning the Pulitzer prize.

CORNISH: in the original series, I really liked her as a character, especially as a young girl, you know – she was curious about the world, passionate about academia. I mean it’s just — it’s not something you see in any pop culture.

SHAPIRO: that’s the real journalist Megan Garber. She was a cultural writer for the Atlantic, and grew up watching “gilmore girls.” She said she was disappointed with the new Netflix season, especially Rory’s role.

CORNISH: that’s because of the – spoiler alert – even if Rory does become a journalist, she’s not a good journalist.

MEGAN GARBER: I was talking to a lot of my press friends yesterday about this. We were all very excited. So I think the main one – most obviously the source of her sleep. That is, A, its surface is just immoral. But, B, rory gilmore himself has done something that fits this very virulently, we’ve seen a lot of women journalists and news sources sleeping in Hollywood.

(recording on television, “GILMORE GIRLS: a year in a lifetime”)

ALEXIS BLEDEL :(as Rory Gilmore) I’m interviewing people, and then, you know, this line moves up. I keep in touch with this group. I put PJ Clarke with them. We have hamburgers, drinks and more drinks. And then there’s this guy.

GARBER: now it’s in Rory Gilmore, disappointing. So that’s the main thing. She is also interviewing a source who is happy to talk to her, and you know, she is very cooperative and explains herself to her. She fell asleep while she was talking. So it’s both bad news and very rude.

SHAPIRO: although Garber is demeaned by this role, she’s a role that she used to identify with, and she says there may be a disappointing lesson.

Gabrielle: in real life, it all happens, you know, where you are – people you look up to, even appreciate them, even your whole life. You love their work. Then you can learn more about them. You will find that they are just as flawed as everyone else.

So I think it’s a very common feeling. I don’t know that the intention of “gilmore girls” is to take oneself (laughter) as an object lesson. But I think that’s probably what’s going to happen. I do think that this is – from the very beginning about the true meaning of adulthood and the realization that your hero is human.

CORNISH: that’s Atlantic culture writer megan garber. We contacted her via Skype. “Gilmore girls: a year in life” is out.

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