America’s folly looks at our dark (and funny) history.

We’re just farming from the historical dog, which marks the day when a handful of Donald trump’s presidents – “just the most successful in our country’s history,” according to him. From the halls of Washington, dc, to the sea of Japan, it has been more than three months of unprecedented turmoil. The American myth, from a new book by the owner of the American history podcast, never finds a better time to arrive. Think of it as a lazy American history.

Through 29 special American story crazy – from superman Michael malloy (his friend has repeatedly tried and failed, by drinking killing his insurance) to action park, New Jersey, the moral failings of safety standards (according to the report every day, 30 passengers might be saved from drowning and one died of electrocution) to try to make the ford Pintos flight (the “inventor” die in the attempt.) the puzzling idiot – this article about the strange past short survey, we have been a little crazy, more because of our present situation seems to indicate that we will always be so. The voice in our head said, “doesn’t that look right?” American absurd writers want you to hear that.

In the first world war (USRC) the story of the laser companies in the United States, for example, employs an all-female staff, radioactive luminous coating was applied to buckle all the items from the surface to the slippers (” don’t a person think slippers do not need to buckle). USRC managers aware of the health risks for their employees to continue to work in the absence of protection, lead to black hair, bones creaking, painful death, and was eventually out-of-court settlement of litigation. Or false doctor John r. Brinkley (John r. Brinkley) story, he spent years in men placed goats testicles – including Kansas governor – said they were treating impotence (and flatulence) treatment. In this case, the denial of climate change and the unscientific stance of fracturing fans suddenly seem easier to understand.

Comic actor, writer and director Dave Anthony said, “I want people to realize the people trying to let you down,” he and his collaborators and roper co-chaired the gareth Reynolds closed the book. “Look at the people you think are helpful to you – maybe they don’t, step back a little, from a historical perspective.” The book is both interesting and distressing, and Anthony’s point of view is that there is a general sense that people with power and money tend to want to retain both.

On the face of it, unless you’re a diehard narcissist or a near-sighted lunatic, there’s not much to learn. The life stories of the failed actor, the stadium – the bull ly and the rainbow man who eventually took the hostage – are the sad despair of fame. Then is the notorious baseball player Lenny Dykstra economy set himself on fire, he has begun his luxury car wash, he looks like his private plane, and posted on the network after robbing the profitability by magazine, now living in a relatively small pension. Of course, they are not the unwitting evil companies, but they still illuminate the dark side of the American spirit. This is a country of opportunists and conspirators, and they are willing to do everything they can to make sure they are in the copper ring. (and,

As Gareth Reynolds puts it: “all you need is a dream – and a loaded pistol.” The lesson is, no, you don’t.


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